Statue Of Liberty Evacuated After Suspicious Package Reported – 25 April 2015

RT logo(Lucas : Of course, we had a lot of fear mongering news and newly shown arrogance and trying to be in control stories….. just see the bigger picture and know things are changing for the better, if you see it. It is us that need to do it….not someone or something, or some belief…)

The Statue of Liberty was evacuated on Friday after authorities were alerted to a suspicious package, and bomb squads were dispatched to Liberty Island as security concerns heightened.

Visitors of the iconic New York City monument wrote on Twitter early Friday afternoon that they were being evacuated from the site and ushered onto boats due to an apparent bomb scare.

“Please cooperate ladies and gentlemen and step quickly through the gap (in the barricades) to the rear of the vessel,” a loudspeaker announcement instructed visitors to Liberty Island, according to eyewitness footage. “There is more seating available up top so please do not stop or hesitate on the gangway.”

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