Canadabis: Vancouver Moves Towards Pot Regulation, To Federal Govt’s Dismay – 26 April 2015

RT logoVancouver has a plan to regulate retail marijuana business. The federal government is voicing its opposition against the motion, saying that could be a leap forward legalization of pot – which is still officially illegal.

This plan could bring legalization of marijuana in the city of Vancouver, which already has more lax enforcement of buying and selling the drug. Some locals even dotingly call the city ‘Vansterdam’, the Amsterdam of North America.

Vancouver, which could become the first to regulate how and where pot is sold, has 80 dispensaries. Unlicensed dispensaries already operate in Vancouver as well as across Canada, despite the sale of marijuana being illegal.

Laws on possession of small quantities of pot can carry a fine or even jail time. However, in Vancouver, which has the strongest support of any Canadian city to legalize cannabis, there is a shady gray area between theory and practice.

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