Ex-Gitmo Detainees Protest At US Embassy In Uruguay, Demand Financial Support – 26 April 2015

RT logoFour former Guantanamo Bay prisoners protested on Friday night in front of the US Embassy in Montevideo, Uruguay, complaining over “broken promises” and demanding greater financial support from Washington.

The men are part of a group of six detainees who were released from the US military prison in 2014 and granted refugee status by the South American country under then-president Jose Mujica.

The Uruguayan government resettled the men into a four-bedroom house, where they have been staying for the past few months since their release. Ex-prisoners complained about their housing conditions.

One of the six men, Tunisian Adel bin Muhammad El Ouerghi, said “we are too many to stay in the house” and complained they had to stay in a hotel from time to time, AP reports. But the men were recently evicted from the hotel as they had no funds to pay the bills.

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