Hawaii On Tobacco Road To Becoming First State To Ban Smoking For Under-21s – 26 April 2015

RT logoHawaii is on its way to becoming the first ever US state to raise the tobacco smoking age to 21. The groundbreaking bill passed the Legislature on Friday and is awaiting the governor’s signature.

The bill was pushed through by the Coalition for a Tobacco-Free Hawaii and scored an overwhelming 19-4 in favor. It will affect the smoking, buying and possession of cigarettes, including the electronic kind.

“It’s definitely groundbreaking legislation,” the lobby group’s Jessica Yamauchi said, adding that it’s “amazing to be the first state in something. That’s very exciting for us,” she told the AP.

What remains is for Governor David Ige to sign the document and for his cabinet to look for potential legal issues that may arise.

“The departments will be doing their review and then we’ll have the opportunity to look at it,” Ige said.

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