Judith Dagley – How SEPARATE From One Another ARE We? – 26 April 2015


How SEPARATE are we all from one another? There was a major earthquake in Nepal on Saturday. That is almost 8,000 miles from where I live. Yet I am feeling that earthquake. Aren’t you?

The frequencies of shock are still rippling around the entire GLOBE. Not only through our earth, but through our hearts. We are a major part of the earth’s ecological sytem, after all, and scientists have “proven” that our hearts beat in time with the frequencies of our earth, so how could it be otherwise?

Just as the force of energy that can no longer be contained within our Gaia breaks through its crust in order to be released, so that same force breaks through the crust around our hearts and releases what can no longer be contained. Have you NOTICED what was in your heart? Do you FEEL what is flooding through you, out of YOU, as a result?

Oh, yes, fear came first, perhaps, being closest to the surface as it is.
But what is the WELL-SPRING that then began to flow? It is COMPASSION, isn’t it? It is FEELING WITH people who are thousands of miles away from you… or ARE they?
Doesn’t FEEL like it, does it?

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