London Protest Warns Against Crippling PFI Debts ‘Bleeding NHS Hospitals Dry’ – 26 April 2015

RT logoCampaigners travelled across London on a “battle bus” on Saturday in protest against the corrosive impact of private finance initiative (PFI) contracts on Britain’s public health service. They warn hospitals in London are crumbling under toxic PFI debts.

Part of a worldwide program of privatization and financialization, PFI schemes use private capital to fund public infrastructure development. They were first introduced to Britain in 1992.

Saturday’s protest was organized by a collective of campaigners who argue public health services in Britain are collapsing under the weight of mounting PFI debts.

Activists travelling on the battle bus called upon the British government to address Britain’s PFI debt crisis. They also demanded it acknowledge that excessive debts generated through these schemes impact on ordinary taxpayers while wealthy investors profit.

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