Sophia Love – A Full Ride – 26 April 2015

SophiaLoveNewThese blue skies that seem to float above me are teeming with birds.  It is spring, and turf wars as well as unbridled enthusiasm fill the air.  It is a gorgeous day.

It’s been more than a month since there was a palpable shift in frequency and the changes are still coming fast and furious.

In a single week of March, four people in my family were hospitalized.  Since then, there have been several more accidents, illnesses and losses.  A lot of us are having a very hard time.  Things are not exactly the same; that much is clear.

And yet, well, they are. The backyard birds squabble over nest space, the children at school struggle to be noticed, while the tulips push their way through the rock hard ground in order to meet the sun.  Life moves on, it is up to us to keep up with its constant motion.

Letters from friends are giving me a picture of what is going on for us.  This is how it looks from here.

Those of us reading this blog and similar sources have been here for a while.  We came to assist in this shift.  Many of us were called into active duty a few years ago.  It seemed that night after night we’d be engaged in struggles and/or battles.  These are the Warrior Angels.  Those conflicts ended.  The choice was made.  This earth is ours to run.

With active duty completed, what comes next?  What is left?  This is the “Boots on the Ground” work we all came for as well, and it’s not a walk in the park.

As these new vibratory energies envelop us, we have to learn new ways to walk without tripping.  There are many around us who could use a steady hand.

We know what’s happening and it’s beyond a virus, illness or random accident.  Our world has shifted and if we intend to stay on it, we have to change how we do, well, everything.

Those of us used to fighting?  It’s time to lay down our weapons.  This is not a war.  It is collaboration.  You will not like everyone.  Yet everyone will have to figure out how to be.  Together.  Not all of us are choosing to stay.  That has to be okay.  If you are here for the full ride, be prepared.  You will be surprised at who hangs with you and who doesn’t.

Things feel different and you feel like doing different things.  Honor those feelings.  Resistance is futile and throws you into a situation you’d rather avoid.  Follow the path of least resistance.  Go with the flow.

It is uncomfortable and scary even.  There is not a simple resolution to anything.  There’s not anyone else who has faced what you are now looking at.  Trust yourself.

You came to participate in the shift and now serve as a model for everyone who is watching.  It’s like you are on a treadmill and someone is behind a wall, out of sight, randomly changing speeds.  You need to think on your feet, access the odds of successful navigation and try a new way to move.  You might fall off.  You might not.  Regardless, you’ll learn what works and keep going forward.

One of the things in my heart now, with all of this pain, loss, illness and physical death showing up is – What does it all mean?  Why do some things seem tragic and evoke sadness and grief?

Life itself, as seen in physical form, is regarded as solitary, precious and to be preserved no matter what.  In that frame of mind, what is seen as death is always tragic.

This is not as life actually operates.  What is “temporary” is the specific physical form – not life.  Life is always.  We are always.  Our relationship with each other is always.

As we cooperate with this new frequency, we’ll have easier access to our expanded self. We are surrounded with life; not all of it is seen with our physical eyes.  There have always been among us, those tuned in to all of life – the seers, prophets, psychics and mystics.  This vibratory change we are feeling will give us the same access.  Trust what you feel and hear.  You will know.

A week ago we lost our cat.  It was difficult for all sorts of reasons.  Yet, minutes after he passed, in the car on the drive home actually, I felt him with more clarity than I had in fifteen years.  He was, in that instant, not a ten pound ball of white and orange fur, but huge.  His energy was powerful and distinct – “You did the only thing you could have. It was my choice.  Yes, we know each other.  We’ll meet again.”

I know it sounds weird, but I’m getting used to sounding weird.  Guess it’s a sign of the shift.  😉  If weirdness brings peace and a sense of comfort, then bring it on.  I don’t’ know what else will change yet I’ve come to expect it.  Perhaps I’m getting used to the shifts in speed.  I’m not falling off as much.  When I do, I allow the full experience to roll through me with all the force that it has; the pain, the tears, the passion, the joy, the anger – whatever.  I am here for the full ride.

I suspect you may be too.  If March and April are any indication, it’s going to be wild.  Hang on.  This is why you came.  We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

With all my love,


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