Stealth Cuts Of £2 Billion Cripple NHS – Report – 26 April 2015

RT logoHospitals in England are being hit by “stealth cuts” of more than £2 billion ($3.03 billion) since 2010 according to new research, blaming the cuts for “rapidly deteriorating” hospitals’ finances.

Tariffs – hospital price payments per procedure, fixed by the National Health Service (NHS) – have been massively reduced in the past five years according to research carried out by the False Economy think tank, which was commissioned by the TUC and Unison. And those tariffs are where two-thirds of English hospitals’ income comes from, the study adds.

The research found that one of four elective procedures, such as treatment for blood poisoning or diabetes, have had their tariffs slashed by more than 40 percent since 2010.

By examining 138 NHS procedures, the researchers found that between 2010 and 2015 hospitals suffered an income loss amounting to £70 million ($106).

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