Friend In Deed: Chinese Student Carries Classmate To Lessons For 3 Years – 27 April 2015

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Chinese hearts have been melted by the story of a student who’s been carrying his disabled friend to and from school for the last years.

On every single academic day, 18-year-old Xie Xu assists 19-year-old Zhang Chi in getting from his home to their school in northern China’s province of Jiangsu.

Xie, far from a heavyweight at 1.73 meters tall and weighing 75kg, also sees his friend moved from class to class.

The compassionate student told the Chinese media that he carries Zhang back and forth at least a dozen times every day, over 200 days per year.

Zhang Chi suffers from muscular dystrophy, an incurable genetic disease that causes the body’s muscles to weaken, hampering locomotion.

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