John Ward – UK Election Scandal : Why Karren Brady, The Barclay Twins, Piers Morgan And Rupert Murdoch Should All Face Perversion Charges – 27 April 2015

dicky27415Compared to the current UK crop of truth-twisters, Nixon was a Babe in Arms

You have to go back to the antics of Haldeman, Erlichman and Dick Nixon’s ‘plumbers’ in order to equal the sheer scope of Dirty Tricks media manipulation going down in the UK 2015 General Election. And the latest example really is – without any bias whatsoever – by far the worst we have seen to date.

The ‘story’ featured below takes the Grant Shapps view of news as propaganda, and his definition of the Truth to be ‘because it’s in the papers’:


In fact, the ‘5000’ small business ‘names’ have been shown clearly to be the result of a conspiracy involving CCHQ and the Telegraph to add signatories who had not in any way been informed of their inclusion….some of whom violently disagree with the ‘open letter’ content. Administered by the fragrant Karren Shady, the letter campaign has unfortunate echoes of the write-in campaign fiction in 1972 to change the US Constitution and give Nixon a Third Term…for that too was almost entirely orchestrated by Creep.

The Tories and the Telegraph now face an avalanche of ‘signatories’ – including the paper’s own Sales Director and AstraZeneca boss Pascal Soriot – falling over their knickers to say they didn’t ‘sign’ anything.

I hope this turns into a Watergate, but something in my water tells me it won’t. Values and ethics have, after all, changed out of all recognition during the last 43 years.

Nowhere more so, I might add, than at the Trinity Group, owners of the Mirror titles. In October 1998, the Bank of England monetary (rates) committee was about to meet, and senior Mirror journalists were meeting to decide how the rates decision should be covered. The line, it soon emerged, was that the Mirror would ‘prove’ that MPC members had a conflict of interest on the mortgage rate, given their own lack of need for a mortgage.

Only the use of illegal computer-hacking methods could deliver such information. Volunteering for this task was senior news reporter Gary Jones. Jones cut his teeth at the News of the World, during the period when Piers Morgan was News of the World editor. Later, Jones followed Morgan to the Daily Mirror.

Jones used private detective Jonathan Rees of the now infamous Southern Investigations to hack mainframe information on MPC members’ mortgages. The subsequent story written by Jones and Oonagh Blackman headlined:

“As millions sweat on a home loans cut, we reveal it’s ALL RATE FOR SOME –

Homeowners will have their mortgage rate fixed today by financiers so wealthy that they won’t be affected if it rises or falls.”

The piece came up with five members who had no mortgage. It was something of a weak argument, up there with the ‘Squaddie Iraq murders’ that finally got Morgan fired. But it was very obviously obtained using the sort of illegality with which the Romping Arse now claims he’s never been associated. Tell that to Paul McCartney – whose spat at La Caprice with Heather Mills-McCartney miraculously landed in Morgan’s lap without any illegality being involved.

And finally, let’s not forget the increasingly solid evidence that Rupert Turdoch has instructed all his UK-based News International hacks to rubbish the Labour Party and SNP, whose potential alliance would probably see his Empire of Spite finally broken up in Britain.

The Toff-educated Digger – having run the Blair administrations and corrupted the Met Police – is now busily engaged in an attempt to subvert the actions of the Crown Prosecution Service which is on his case.

There are many villains in this pathetic farce of an Election. But none are so guilty in my eyes as the media moguls and their infinite desire to pervert the vital principle of a free press. / link to original article

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