Lisa Gawlas – Rebooted And Learning To Surf “At Will” Against The Flow!! – 27 April 2015

lisagawlas2What a strange culmination in my world to a very intense week on planet earth.  From the eruptive volcanic in Chili, to the landscape/life altering massive earthquake in Nepal, to each of us feeling the strange roller coaster like pings of emotions taking us up, dropping us down and whipping us side to side all damn week!!  The moment I published my blog yesterday, I was wrapped in this energy that said/felt “this is the end of your day.”  End??  It’s freakin 6am, I am barely starting it!!!  By 7am, my internet and phone was completely off.  Granted we were having a wonderful rainstorm yesterday, but since they fixed my wirings, the storms have not shut me down at all.  I decided to take advantage of this moment and actually take a bath.  With the readings and meditation classes, I don’t allow for any bath/shower time, no eating time, I crack myself up sometimes, I can forget I exist too!! lol

So I ran a bath and decided to take a look and see where I am at in this new quantum surfboard of energy.  I could see myself at the northwest edge kicking energy out into the abyss.  What the hell am I doing??  I look lost!! lol  The next thing I know I see this grid come up from all around the outer platform and create a dome like area all around me.  Thru this whole (mini) thing I am simply watching myself… next thing I know I am now in the southeast section and I pull myself up thru one of the grid spaces (that looks like a stretched out fishing net) and just sat there on the grid, half in half above it and that’s all.  Nothing but the black abyss all around me.  The end.  What the hell was that??  I am more confused now than before I took a bath.

I got out of the tub in time for my first reading and dammit if there was still no dial tone or internet.  I cannot tell you the panic that goes thru me when I have no way of calling or emailing anyone on my schedule that I cannot connect.  I took a trip down to the Pueblo where I at least know I get a cell signal and put a note on my facebook of my current condition and emailed the two people I had missed already to say why I was no show.  It was a strange energetic trip to say the least.  The water flooding the roads, the mud sliding down the hillsides, it was… deeply cleansing and reformatting in feeling.  I could have very well be in a living reading, thats what it felt like.  I couldn’t wait to get back into my home!!

I got back home and did my ritualistic bitching at spirit, rescheduling is officially a nightmare with the May course taking up every day thru May and how unfair this is to any of us!!  No one cared about my bitching… silence was all I got.  Except the hummers… It seems at least 15-20 made their way back to my world yesterday and their activity was odd.  I have their feeders hanging on my back yard window and yet they were pretty persistent in their flight patterns of hovering around my front window and front door, looking in the house.  I knew something was up inside my home, what, I still have no clue…

The longer the day stretched on with no internet or phone, the higher my inner anxiety grew… I cannot tell you how much I dislike leaving anyone hanging… and I swear my team must have given me some anesthesia cuz the next thing I knew, I couldn’t stay awake and I slept, and slept, and slept thru pretty much til this morning.  However, just before I crashed, I got a clear visual of my daughter in her cell with three angels surrounding her.  I took comfort in that image and asked them to tap into her like they once did when she was younger… There has got to be some sort of miracle happening, when I talked to her Saturday she had not yet heard from her court appointed attorney nor had she had a bond hearing scheduled yet.  I just found out from her roommate this morning, she talked to her atty yesterday and has a bond hearing set for today!!  This happened on a Sunday???

This morning, having a million hours of sleep now under my belt and god only knows what kind of energy work… I am absolutely sure yesterday was some sort of reboot for all of earth.  The high intensity energy being released from the earth herself, the new platform of life we have beneath our feet, the choices we have (mostly unconsciously) made thru April… all forming a bridge of energy into the field of May.

Ohhhh, something I wanted to mention with two of the meditation instructions that came out these last two weeks.  We are so accustomed to saying “go with the flow” what if, our job now is to learn how to surf against the flow???  Two exercise was taking my lady’s over the ocean waves against the flow of the waves themselves.  Learning to surf “at will,” in the opposite direction of the currents of the ocean, of the life field around you.

Now, to see what the hell we got ourselves into this time!!  I love you all so much and thank you for Living this crazy ass life we created with me, with each other!!

Big big (((HUGZ))) of creating your NEW flow of Life, At Will!!

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