S. Carolina Police Should Get Prison For Repeatedly Tasing Disabled Woman – Prosecutors – 28 April 2015

RT logoTwo former South Carolina police officers should get at least a year in prison for using a Taser eight times on a mentally disabled woman who posed no threat to the officers, federal prosecutors say.

Former Marion, South Carolina police officers Eric Walters and Franklin Brown pleaded guilty to using excessive force in October. They will be sentenced on federal charges on Monday.

According to information presented in court, Walters was on patrol in April 2013 when he saw Melissa Davis, 40, walking through the yard of a home for sale. He questioned her as to what she was doing at the home. In the process of detaining her, Walters shocked her with his Taser once, causing Davis to injure her head. Once she was on the ground, Walters ordered her to put her hands behind her head. Before she could respond, he shocked her four more times.

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