Chernobyl Forest Fires May Result In Large Scale Re-Release Of Radiation – 29 April 2015

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The forest fires in the Chernobyl exclusion zone may re-disperse a significant amount of original radiation contamination, depending on whether the fire continues in its trajectory toward the epicenter, evolutionary biologist Timothy Mousseau told RT.

RT:How dangerous is the situation right now?

Timothy Mousseau: Well, from what I can tell, and there hasn’t been a lot of detailed information available, but based on the satellite image that I’ve seen and an area on the map, the Chernobyl map that has been outlined for me by people who are working in the town of Chernobyl right now – they’ve suggested it is to the south of the main contaminated area and heading north. And if you look at the satellite image you can see that the clouds, the smoke is heading directly towards Minsk, Belarus. And I suppose that is good news for Ukraine, but bad news for Belarus.

RT: And how worried should Belarus be then?

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