Unforgettable Password: Smartphones Could Soon Be Unlocked With Ears – 29 April 2015

RT logoIf you think typing in a four-digit pin number to unlock your smartphone is simply too burdensome, you may soon have other options. Yahoo has developed a way to use your ear, palm, fingers, or knuckles to access your device.

The system, called Bodyprint, turns a regular touchscreen into a biometric scanner which can recognize the unique shape of a user’s body part.

Created by Yahoo Labs in California, the project was presented earlier this week at the 2015 Computer-Human Interaction Conference (CHI) in Seoul.

In a demonstration at the event, a Bodyprint user received a call on his smartphone. He was able to unlock his phone by simply pressing it to his ear – a task that took less than a second. Further details can be found in a paper written by the developers.

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