About The Site Lucas2012Infos

Logo Lucas_square_wordsThe blog site http://www.lucas2012infos.wordpress.com  is about the awakening of humankind to the new paradigm and this blog is written daily in service to all.  Lucas2012infos tries to give counterbalance to the disinformation of the mass media.

It will all become clear  to you when you get on your rabbit hole adventure to find out yourself what the new reality is. Next to alternative news, the spiritual side of awakening and ascension is also main theme on this blog.  In writings of my own, blog posts of others, news, videos, radio shows,  a divers package of info is brought to you.

Make always up your own mind but listen, hear and see and foremost know and feel yourself what is for you the truth. Let your own free will and inner-power be strengthened to see your freedom was and is always within.

Nobody and nothing can ever be coming between you and source. Your freedom can not be granted, be limited or be bound as it just IS always yours.  You only have to know your free and act upon that in knowing we all can make this world a new place for the better of all.

Be individual consciously free humans that cooperate together. And do all from the heart that knows things need to be done for all the best of humanity, the planet and multiverse.   See you at lucas2012infos.

Love and Light,



7 responses to “About The Site Lucas2012Infos

  1. Love this site folks,so much information that helps me move on and up.Thank you!

  2. Hi Lucas,

    hier een verhaal over nesara

  3. Hi Lucas, I am wondering how safe is our money in a Credit Union, during these “hair cut” times? All reports I’ve read so far on the ” Depositor’s Hair Cuts” lol, mention banks. We did the bank thing, now faced with the other.
    Is it now all the same? Though C.U. claim to be owned by us, the members. LOL, why did that just sound ridiculous as said!!
    Thanks, Lucas
    Great Site, Great Vibe, Great Information.
    I’d be under-informed without You.

  4. Renard Moreau

    [ Smiles ] An interesting site; as of NOW, I will be following it!

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