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Lucas – Constant Transition – Choices, Knowing And Equilibrium – Wholeness – 2 April 2013

state_of_equilibrium_by_5urface-d4tieveIn observing that what is surrounding me and also that what is in me, I see lots of transitions on multiple levels. It is about making the shift within and without ourselves work. Our new paradigm is taking shape with that what we are  focused upon and focus personally on.  It is about us and how we see a new world together.  This will bring lots of clashing of visions, opinions and arguments about but eventually there will be the knowledge we only can get out of this if we choose what is best for all of us or is in created or done with the best possible outcome for all.  The opposites will reconcile or become neutral. Continue reading


Lucas – The Train Keeps Rolling – Feeling Your Way Through Cluttered Old And Starting New – Personal Independence And Freedom – 28 March 2013

fishbowlsYou all thought to get a break, no way.  The train is running and stops nowhere but its destined end-point. Let me be clear it is a ride but for everybody different, but also with a clear destiny.  It is about you going the whole way.  So what you have experienced around the vernal equinox and around the full moon yesterday is  all just your personal experience on your journey. In whatever you needed to experience on your road if it was pleasant or not, it was experienced just the way it should be.  All are just lessons you take in to let you make your change and let go of what is not needed. You also are integrating all those vibrational frequency changes coming in. Your body is changing also.  Continue reading

John Smallman – Jesus – Full Compasion Is Always Waranted If Healing Is To Occur – 20 March 2013

john-blog-pics-0135Reality — the Oneness of God and all of His creation — awaits humanity’s awakening with delighted anticipation in the certain knowledge that it is inevitable, that nothing can stop the process that you are undergoing or prevent you from entering into the glory that is your destiny and your heritage. The intense new energies that have been pouring across the planet since December 2012 have been sweeping all before them into Reality’s loving embrace, and this has led to a magnificent softening of attitudes in the hearts of all on the planet. Continue reading

Lucas – Discerning – Factual Evidence Or Just Opion – OPPT – Feeling Your Truth Within – 9 March 2013

discerningheartsIt seems lots of the people and those just awakening are still confused about what is what in this new transitional period and how to deal with it. What is dark and what is of the light, is that distinction even still valid? What is  true or not and should we still be labeling or judging others?  What is fact or fiction and what is Opinion and what is factual evidence? Continue reading

Lucas – Choices, Choices And The Fine Tuning In The Now – 7 March 2013

how-can-your-gift-giving-lead-to-more-responsible-career-choicesAfter the  weekend it became clear the current moment is used for the coloring of the new paradigm in having you to see clearly what it is you are still up against or maybe not. It  is the time for making choices and choices.  Your choices. Nobody else is responsible for that is to BE in your life or for BEing you. You have an infinite possibility of choices at your disposal.  Continue reading

Lucas – Bubbles Of Truth – Bubbles Of Foam Connecting To Create And Manifest The New – 28 February 2013

2011Foam-1What is called for some reality is for others merely an illusion and for others non-existent. It comes all down again to perception. It is the resonance field that  is still in the cone of the interlocked old vortex and the new vortex where the little cone of the old is sticking in the new 5D vortex. It is the transitional field of being already but not perceiving fully that what is already.  It is about making real choices to spiral outwards from that temporary phase of integration of the new and the last choices to be made to fully expand into the new 5D field.  The before created blue-prints and thoughts from the heart for manifesting new earth and new humanity are to become clearly shown.  It is the time we are stepping into our real divine vibrational frequency bubbles tot connect all as dots to make the blue-print manifest. The building blocks we created and gave birth to last year will now be fully connecting. Continue reading

Lucas – That Perception Thingy – United In Difference & A Birds Tale – 15 February 2013

bird-nest-removal-largeIn daily life the perception of 5D now is still about people having that perception thingy going. The perception of that one open playing field where everybody has his or her space of creation,  a space of being the authentic self,  and a space to be living the own creation in harmony with others. Many of us still perceive the need for borders and the need for circles drawn around the parameters of ones own perception of what is and is 5D.  Continue reading

Lucas – A Leveled Playing Grass Field – The Transitional Phase – Help And Support Needed – 6 February 2013

grassearthA new phase has already begun. A lot of people are exited about the possibilities that are presented. Things get into development stages and things manifest. The ones that already have made a certain vibrational frequency transition are taking the lead, not as leaders but as co-creators, teachers of the new in way showing 5D reality for those that still seek 3d/4d options to resolve issues of the old paradigm. We are the ones that have been given this world to look after in the most highest form for all that is here and now and to do everything from that custodian principle. We own nothing but have all. All is one. Continue reading

Lucas – The Energies Of Transformation At Work – 26 January 2013

big-splashI see the new energies working on us all bringing transformation in moving things forward and sometimes by even going backwards. You will see the need to  transform things and go with the flow forwards. It is what brings so to say for some the experience of  “the good, the bad and the ugly”. It is just a perception. Things can be full of trials and tribulations if you want to perceive it that way and it will show you that what you put out in the field. It is just reflecting mirrors. Oh no do not think others are just reflecting. You are mirroring also! Continue reading

Lucas – Experience The Winds Of Creation – 25 January 2013


Go find the winds of creation that will blow always around you. You are that wind and are One with it. It is an expression of  what is your connection from the heart and source.

Do not listen to me, do not read what I wrote, do not see what I see, but feel it and experience it for yourself. You will know what it is you have not listened to, what you did not read, and what you did not see as you are all the answers. You will  become that new perception.  Continue reading