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Lucas – The New Paradigm And Sharing – New Ways Of Doing Things – 24 January 2013

Gift_Sharing.previewA new paradigm needs to be created without the good old 3D patterns. It is not pulling the old tricks out of the head to get things done or just being sharing from egoism by having personal interests,  greed, fame, and the me me me numerous screaming voices taking over and leading. Continue reading

Lucas – Universe Of Doors – A Refreshing Breeze Of Air – 20 January 2013

doorsThere is a lot to learn in this new dimensional living as it is like a universe of countless doors that open each time new opportunities for us depending on what you sent out as your creational manifestation  into the field.

Is it your wish to meet someone, a  new relationships be specific than and let that thought you formed from your heart be spoken with your mouth and envisioned with your mind’s eye. Whatever manifestation from the heart comes about it will find as above mentioned the way into creation.  Let the rest be done by the flow, the energy all takes form and place in.  See the flow just like a breeze of refreshing air finding its way into your room. All that finds its way into creation of things and flows in this refreshing unconditional love and field of oneness.  It will come about. Continue reading

Lucas – Reflections Of The Heart – Relationships – A Conversation From My Higher Self – 17 January 2013

57302_rHi Again  my lovely One, with me, I AM with you.  I came to talk to you about the tears that are burning holes in my eyes as I see that still people will not let go of that what their expansion in the field of joy, bliss, happiness blocks. People are willingly blind and hurt for no reason.  The end of something for whatever reason is always the opening door to a new beginning.  Do not make yourself hurt or suffer as there is no need.  If once united, even as Twin souls, on earthly level or on etheric level it is not imperative to hold onto something that is merged and no longer is serving the highest good for all. People still keep holding on and having therefore not that what a in  Oneness Loving Couple should have: Love, Happiness, Harmony and total interconnectedness in the vibrational  resonating expansionary field. Continue reading

Lucas – Ocean Of Bubbles – A Conversation From My Higher Self – 16 January 2013

bubbletopHello, I am glad we connect that well together. I am you and you are my I AM. For a lot of us it is strange to be that well-connected and realising it is you and therefore I.  But I came to talk to you about all the things happening now and things you have shown me.  I have seen through you  that lots of us are having this month their own moments of truth, their own set aside ego moments, the final let go moments and also the true moments  of clarity in seeing what they are and where they stand in the moment of now. The inside void that lots describe to have felt is just the quietness of the mind not talking  and the connection they feel as a tranquility and a flow in their being now.  It is so wonderful that it all is just coming together so greatly even if we are still often occupied by our minds that wander of back into 3d of 4d reality or issues that are not really anymore important or existent seeing it from the higher perspective that all just is in a flow and is just fine as it is.  I see more and more are connecting to their hearts as they get touched by the streams of  vibrations that come from source and through our own brothers and sisters upon earth that begin to radiate and expand their newly found highly  frequencies.  Yes, you know what I mean when I talk of the feeling of bliss, peace and love, but all so purely felt through the whole being. This is what makes it feels like floating in heaven, flying in cushions of air in an immense see of love and ever-expanding creation. Continue reading

Lucas – Game On Or Game Over – Guncontrol Battle – Perception – 15 January 2013

guns-art-of-peaceYes, the last resort measures of control are pushed as the argument created by staged attacks on humans via shooting incidents for weapon bans and gun control are not really working yet. The mainstream  media push the control of guns. But it is not about guns it is just about how to get “The People” out of options and a second amendment that does not have any bearing to it  anymore.  Still people focus on guns as the issue. Yes ,”weapons” (the difference lies in the word, a gun as word has no ill or violent intent to it or has a negative load in meaning it is just a thing) are in my view in all sorts and for all measures not about peace or not for peaceful use.  But if the “Corporate USA” has turned sour and taken over total control to get the fraudulent system of  “corporate USA democracy ” working again by getting people out of power then guns become a weapons issue. People are not gonna think about defending themselves with guns from anything if there is not a threat of total control and a fundamental constitutional issue.  Continue reading

Lucas – News Going Round And Round – A Carousel Of Deception And Getting Out Of Focus – 13 January 2013

carouselSeeing the news of the last past weeks after the end of the year 2012 shows we got again hyped news around. After the Sandy Hook story died down and most could have seen this was of pre-emptive strike to get us the weapon control to remove the rights on the 2nd Amendment from us, the people, it became a hype issue of gun control instated by mainstream media with alternative sources also getting into this so-called debate.  And yes there it is a again the Obama story about his ID coming in the news. We need a change,  but we will not find it only by giving things we know already are wrong attention over and over. The USA is a corporation and we all have been lead astray to think it was a democratic republic build on a constitution. You always had rights with or without constitution. Your unalienable rights. Of course the hyping of the alleged flu epidemic news is on again. They want us  for money and not health vaccinated with a vaccine that in the first place is not working at all, but is just making people sick and die even sooner. And of course climate change and lots of disasters, big or small, terror and abuse, and pain, fraud, misconduct, murder  will be in the news over and over.  Our focus must be on fear and being in a fight with our controllers………That is what they want isn’t it? This will go on till  you maybe will see that the mainstream news is not there to inform you nor does politics or do politicians bring you anything and they will not change  a thing. They are tied in the system of control, manipulation and enslavement. It is all about you being kept from seeing the bigger picture and the truth of you being controlled and being kept in shackles in a confined space called the matrix. Continue reading

Lucas – Life’s Computer – Trial And Error – Deprogram And Reboot – 12 January 2013

5DearthLife’s Computer is run un programs that where never existent before birth and came to be when your program began in your natal home.  From parents upbringing, the schools and education, the religions, your friends and neighbours, your work, your environment, your culture, your other boxes  full of patterns, dogmas, beliefs and so fear got printed in your minds in many forms.  Even our bio-chemical computer mind was influenced by medicine and drugs, additives and poisons,  ELF/WIFI/ UMTS- radiating energies and other brain wave and brain altering effects. Small errors were made in the program that kept it possible to skip the programming  and find a way out of it back to our real authentic self. This would be triggered when the time was ripe for the awakening. Continue reading

Lucas – Drawing Circles Around You – Unity Knows No Enclosures – 9 January 2013

drawingcirclesandI see still people making themselves into gurus or creating new beliefs that will support their vision on things how to perceive the now imposed on others. I see people still with beliefs that make them hold onto having or needing things for the creation or manifesting of their new perception. It is maybe  for you a paradox to see that in letting all behind you gain that what is all.  You are already all that is as  I have said that aswell as so many others. Know you can perceive your reality as you want it to be. Only it is now perceived from that new base that is a 5D vibrational frequency. The new 5D reality will bring you the knowing that things can be perceived without claiming or needing, holding onto that what is just also a perception of reality. All is as it is at the moment in now. It  is an ever-changing change by creation and manifesting thoughts of  the reality.  Some are perceiving things conscious and for some this is still unconscious perception of the now. Continue reading

Lucas – Back To School – Learning To Create And Manifest – 7 January 2013

backtoschoolOh boy what a ride we’re on.  People are still or in 3D or 4D, disoriented or disillusioned or even do not see the vibrational level at all and or are waiting to create from a 5 D  level.  Everything is already in 5D but we are needing to manifest it.  Yes, we do.  So school started just now again for all in the new year.  Learning to create and manifest. Continue reading

Lucas – Being True To Who Your Are – Your Heart – 6 January 2013

a-brighter-tomorrow-269x300Being afraid of who you are and what you do is not in the furthest a thing that brings you anywhere but only in a setting of doom and gloom and depression. We are hard on our selves and even project our selves onto others to see how it looks and then we can criticise,  argue and attack over that what you protected, but what is really you. Strange, isn’t  it.

Also we let our thoughts be our master. Thoughts of  things, situations, humans,  that let you doubt or do things without feeling it to be your own choice.  It is that ego mind that still gets onto your shoulder wanting to make you your mind and not YOU. Continue reading