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Waverider – Final Words, New Beginning – 22 October 2013

This is it, my friends.  This is The End.  Or, to be more accurate, The Beginning. .  .  .

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Russ Michael – Healing Pyramid Energy – A Public Disclosure Booklet – 26 May 2013

(Lucas : Due to website issues this is still an unedited Free e-booklet by Russ, so look when you can for the new edited version on below link or website.)

What every one on this planet should know about the power of Pyramid’s to help heal us, control violent weather, provide free power and many other vital functions needed to help all of us move into the Golden Age we are all destined for. Continue reading

Mel Ve – Free E-Book – The South African Guide To The Global Conspiracy – 5 March 2013

184189_10150729516435104_2819984_aMel Ve is well-known from Freedom Central Radio as a host but also she is an author and  a well accomplished researcher. The latest radio interview with Heather, one of the trustees of the One People’s  Public Trust 1776, has been shared after airing the show, via you tube far and wide over the world.  It is  recommended to listen to the radio shows also spread via Finding Voices Radio. You can find the links on my blog’s  website main page.

Mel has made her book : ” The South African Guide To The Global Conspiracy” in an e-book format free for all available by a download link.  Please read and share it, she has written it to educate and inform you all. She says : LOVE YOU ALL XX

Here is the download link :

Thanks Mel for sharing, Lucas


Wes Annac – The Hathors Of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes : Fourth And Fifth Density, Gaia’s Grid Of Light And Humanities Life-Path Review – 14 December 2012

Wes2all-Channeled through Wes Annac-

You are recalibrating yourselves as you reach pure states of consciousness, perception and awareness that serve to initiate you further into your higher dimensional experience. We are working with each one of you to help you better assimilate the energies you are absorbing unto yourselves and benefitting from at this time, and you are and have been undergoing a literal transformation from one state of perception to another. Continue reading

Bill Ballard – Update – 10 August 2012


I want to point out to your the Harmonic Convergence Teleconferences in Mt. Shasta at 16 and 17 August and give you the message Shanta Gabriel wrote beneath.  If you want to know more about awakening I had my new e-book out called : The Great Awakening.  You can read it and download it at this link adres:  The Great Awakening by Bill Ballard e-book.

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Bill Ballard – Couple Of New Videos And His New E-Book – 20 June 2012

Hey Peeps,

Energies have really gone up a notch or ten this past week. ha ha, got to love it.
Hang on to your hearts because it will only increase in the future!
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Bill Ballard – Official Release Of My E-Book – “The Great Awakening” – 15 June 2012

(Bill and Gillian congratulations with the new E-Book that is  free Downloadable. It is great. Thanks so much! Love and Light my friends, Lucas. )

As has been reported by Aquarius Channelings WE DID IT! “It has been confirmed by the Council of Elohim that we now have more than 144,000 people upon the Earth that are at least 5th level initiates and who have achieved and are now living in the frequency of Christ Consciousness. Continue reading

James Madison’s Community Call – Bryan – Talkshoe Audio – With “Drake” – 26 April 2012

Direct audiolink

The Interview begins not for the first 8 minutes because of some technical problems. So you have to wait.

Lee-Anne Peters – Anchoring Love: A Twin Flame Objective – 4 April 2012

An excerpt from Free eBook- Eternal Love: A True Story About Twin Flames!

‘Together in Union, Together at Last,
In this place where no linear time does pass!
I hold you forever in this place of mine,
Together in our hearts we sing our sweet rhyme.’

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Graham Dewyea – Our Galactic Family (Inlight Radio show 4 March) – Guest Stephen Bassett – 3 March 2012

Airs Sundays, 5:00 p.m. Pacific time, 8:00 p.m. Eastern time:

My guest this week is Stephen Bassett, an exopolitical activist and a leading advocate for ending the 65-year government imposed truth embargo regarding an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race.  We will talk about his work over the years, what is happening now with Disclosure, and the implications of formal Disclosure of the ET presence. link to original article