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Time For Some Music – Minuet Of Forest On Harp & Ocarina (From The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time) – Spencer’s Ocarinas – 17 June 2013

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AdaptingToGrace – Eileen Meyer – Feel – All That’s Real – 31 May 2013

adapting-to-grace1I am bursting with inspiration and knowing this morning. From communion a few minutes ago… “It is done.”


The more that we KNOW what is real and let go of what is unreal,
the smoother this monumental transition. Continue reading

AdaptingToGrace – Eileen Meyer – It’s Time To Fly – 30 May 2013

WakingUp8’s avatarCan you feel it? We’re getting closer… Will you force yourself to stay small? Or will you allow yourself to transform and fly?

This was a poem-turned-song I wrote back at the turn of the century (lol). I was feeling it then, and I feel it now – a new ledge, a new threshold in which to make a choice. Using the metaphor of the caterpillar to butterfly, it is now the entire collective making this evolutionary leap – together. It’s time to choose. It’s time for all of us to let go of the fear and fly. Continue reading

Awakened Me – 3 May 2013

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BlazinRiver – Just Let Go – 23 April 2013

JimmyBeFree – Lost in The Rocks – 21 April 2013

Uploaded on 10 December 2010 by jimmybefree  Hi guys, Jimmy here. This is a video we shot live using battery powered gear at Lucia Falls in Battle Ground Washington. It was a magical day on so many levels. Hope you enjoy it. peace, jimmy. (Thanks to Gillian –

AmericanKabuki – When The Soul Hits Home – 21 April 2013

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When the Soul Hits Home

by Eileen Meyer

This is in honor of the OPPT and all who are awakening on Planet Earth.
I wrote and recorded the vocals around an existing loop. I love Garageband. link to article