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AmericanKabuki – Between Heaven and Earth – 20 January 2013

betweenheavenearthWe stand this present moment, between heaven and earth, Gaia and Sol.

Surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses on land, sea and space,

who both fear our duality and praise our promise of Oneness and rebirth.

We give great honor to those who have journeyed far from their star, to visit ours. Continue reading

Zach – How To Live Life Fully – 10 January 2013

leap-600x418Fall down hard,
Get up gently,
Laugh uncontrollably,
Cry hysterically,
Shoot for the stars,
Love unconditionally,
Take the leaps,
Enjoy the falls,
Don’t be so serious,

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Poem By Jazz – Journey Of Awareness – 7 January 2013

awarenessThe Journey Of Awareness

On this bumpy ride
that takes you far and wide
still serving the heart is where I reside

Taking no prisoners
not even my self
and the belief & need of wealth Continue reading

Sophia Love – What Is Really Going To Happen On 12.21.12? – 14 December 2012

Uploaded 12 October 2011 by SimonWelsh33 Not having much to say… sort of searching… we are just 8 days away (in the USA)… maybe this will help to answer the question… (Lucas : This is a poetic depiction of the shift!) link to original article

Ron Van Dyke – OH WOMB, A Poem By Ron Van Dyke – 25 October 2012

Uploaded  on 25 October 2012 by © By Ron Van Dyke, Paradox Publications, written in Spring, 1983. Published in LIVING GODS ARE HARD TO FIND, 1985. All rights reserved.

Sky Angelflyer – My Heart – 16 October 2012

My Heart
Saw my Heart sitting ‘pon a throne
of roses in my mystical garden.
so beauty-full and bright with radiance pure Light
I thanked her for not letting me harden. Continue reading

Lucas – Love Through Your Eyes – A Bedtime Poem! – 28 September 2012

I saw love through your eyes. I saw your hearts visualisation  of all that love could imagine in an abundance of energies appearing als floating colours.

I saw love through your eyes. I saw your hearts  visualisation of you smiling the love into existence like a breath of air that makes all tree leaves vibrate. Continue reading

Valerie Donner – The Ground Crew – Planting Some Seeds Of Thought – 4 September 2012

Where we are now

Is what we got.

We get to create

A whole New Earth

That can’t be bought.

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Liora – Balanced Harmony – 25 August 2012

PhotobucketBalanced Harmony

Integrated perfection
Shining through
Beyond past bondage
Balance and unification
of exact polarities
Beyond the veil
Nirvana resides
Holographic Harmony
Of Continue reading

When I Grow Up – A Short Film About Growing Up, Living Your Dreams and Remaining Childllike [video] – 11 August 2012

Uploaded on 1 August 2012 by Continue reading