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Logo Lucas_square_wordsA blog of Lucas.  I really want the world to understand what the new golden age is and the road that leads to it.  It is a spiritual website about our new  humanity unfolding and interesting news that passes which is not found in mainstream media.

I write this blog to help others on their paths in the now awakening to their new reality. It is personal a mission I do with grace for free.

A lot of interesting people crossed my path and I talked with them. I know about the workings of herbs, essential  oils and crystals and the healing by LemurianSpirit, by voice and energy . I am also a master of magnified healing. He writes and paints, and does lots more to help others for free on their paths.

I am glad to have started this blog that now for more amost 4 years has grown into an appreciated news and alternative news platform.

For me  the ultimate truth is: “We are the ones we are waiting for, Be the one and be in oneness and live in love and light”.

I thank all for reading the blog and I hope you will be awakening yourselves and find your way in the new reality. You will find out yourself that within you, the heart,  is the key.

Questions or e-mails are welcome via: lucas2012thelightbringer @ gmail.com

Wishing you love and light,



19 responses to “About Lucas

  1. Thank you Lucas this informative blog. I would like to post some of these articles on my blog as well. I will post all links and attribution. http://dreamweaver333.wordpress.com/
    Gratitude, Cyrus


  3. Thank you Lucas for all your spiritual work and postings. It resonates in my heart place! Love and Light, Francine

  4. Learning about you Lucas is not accidental, not even by chance. it is all a part of this total cosmic reality.
    I love all that is and would love to expand my vision with your help and assistance. Arun

  5. Thank you foir the website! I found The Pleiadians through books. But I’ve experienced many things through out life that it seems most do not understand. It is frustrating. To find others that believe would be awesome.
    Love, Sarah

  6. please does anyone know if once we are in the 5th dimension we are any closer to our loved ones who are in spirit, I mean how many dimensions away are they once we ascend–anyone actually know for sure??


  8. Richard Applegate

    Lucas, thanks for your work! I check your blog daily and appreciate the mix of spirituality and political commentary.

    I would like to make a donation by PayPal but they slap on a hefty fee for payment in euros. Is there a way you can also make payments in US dollars an option?


  9. I am just getting to know who you are Lucas. Just ran into you by “chance” and I resonate with you already. I can’t do any of the things that you can but I feel you and that’s awesome! God Bless you and your blog!

  10. Dermot de Gersigny

    Hi Lucas, I love your blog and I read it every day. Please stop the emails coming to me though, I don’t need them. Thanks Dermot

    • The follow blog service is a wordpress.com service not managed by lucas20129infos.

      You can unsubscribe with the message below the e-mail you activated the subscribe follow blog via e-mail with.

      If this not helps you have look at http://subscribe.wordpress.com. If that does not work you have to get in contact with WordPress.com directly.

      You have been given by wordpress the proper subscribe and unsubscribe instructions with the e-mail you received to activate the follow blog via e-mail option after having chosen yourself to subscribe to this option on the blog. You could have chosen not to use the option or even activate the service via the activation e-mail.

  11. thank you very, very much for your work!

  12. hello Lucas,wonderful website that Bill ballard pointed me to ! I see you have several of my video’s up here and just want to present you with my latest on,i feel my best work so far.So,hope you will enjoy…yours in Spirit,Diana

  13. Hi lucas
    I found your video about today, Oct. 21, 2012, on The 2012 Scenario. I was guided one or two weeks ago, quite clearly, to send a message to fellow Lightworkers that “the Time is Now” “Get To Work” to finish our assignments. I titled my message “Lightworkers Unite”. I was so very pleased to hear you saying the exact same thing today
    Blessings to each and everyone of of Us, Lightworkers and All, as we All Unite in the Light!
    With Gratitude and Blessings

  14. ❤ ❤ ❤ your website. Lots of gratitude and Big light!

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