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Dublin Gridlocked As 50,000 Irish Protesters Oppose ‘Ministry Of Thirst’ Water Charges – 12 October 2014

Screenshot from RT RUTPLY
Screenshot from RT RUTPL

Some 50,000 people packed Dublin’s streets to oppose a government plan for a new water tax. The anti-austerity protest came on the same day as a shock by-election victory for an anti-water charges campaigner, and was Ireland’s largest demo in years.

Until now, Ireland’s citizens paid for their water services through general taxation. However this year, the country’s center-right coalition decided to charge households several hundred euro a year for the service, from the start of 2015. The move immediately became unpopular among the country’s population, and has sparked a mass non-payment movement.

The Right2Water Campaign calling for the water bills to be abolished was organized by trade unions, anti-austerity groups and opposition parties. The organizers of the event estimated up to 100,000 of people took part in the anti-austerity march on Saturday, while the Irish Times put the figure at around 50,000.

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