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Sophia Love – Ask Me: How Do We Escape This Prison Planet? – 1 April 2015

SophiaLoveNew“This has been called a “prison planet”.  How can we escape from the system, the slavery system, as it has been this way for many, many generations?”

An interesting question.  I believe it is not so much a question of escape but of mindset.  We have been engineered with a pre-disposition for worship.  If you consider the numerous ancient ruins discovered, many thousands of years old, that were clearly made by someone with advanced technologies, an obvious question is “who made them and why?”.  There are no clear answers.  Yet mankind still today holds reverence for these beings; beings that no one alive has ever seen, or ever heard about from another living human.  This tendency to obey and to work for praise or prize is not evident in every sentient race; yet it seems fundamental in humanity. Continue reading


Wes Annac – Music: The Language of Spirit – Part 2 – 1 April 2015

Credit: Onedurango.com

By Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

There’s a lot more to be said about the spiritual benefits of music than we covered in part one, and we’ll continue our discussion here. Like I said before, I think music’s spiritual value is mostly unappreciated in our society, and most of the mainstream music we’re subjected to is void of any real awareness or spirituality. Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – Happy April! EnjoyT he Eclipse Exercise Within Todays Sharing!! – 1 April 2015

lisagawlas2Happy April everyone!!  Hard to believe we closed out the first quarter of 2015 already!!  If time keeps going by this incredibly fast, I am going to be 105 before this year is over!!!  One thing I can say for sure, March as the most intense energy month I can ever remember experiencing or trying to read thru, right up to the very end.  To the degree, with each and every person on my dance card yesterday, there was this energetic line, a divider if you will, between march and April’s energies.  Keeping in mind, I use the month itself to describe an energy package, but it is truly energy I am talking about, it just happens to be released with that particular month.  I suppose it kinda keeps the story organized and flowing in a way we can not only understand, but prepare for and follow as well. Continue reading

Aisha North – A Short Update On The Upcoming Lunar Eclipse – 1 April 2015

AishaNorthFor now, much has been set into motion that will take more than a few of you by surprise, as the incoming crescendo of light that will accompany the darkening of the moon will be such, it will literally blow the lid off the deepest of reservoirs within. And when this treasure trove opens, much will be put into action in ways that will be apt to take more than a few of you by storm. For as the moon darkens, you will all begin to light up in a way you have not been able to do before, and as such, this upcoming period will be one of great enlightenment for all. But as usual, with the light also comes strife for those so inclined, as the refusal to accept these emissaries will be met with an increase in pressure that will set alight quite a few incendiary flames within many a troubled soul.

So once again we say, expect the unexpected to arise left, right and center, but do not look upon this as a message of doom and gloom. Rather, it is a reminder that with the light comes change, and as change is a concept that is oft met with the strongest of resistance within the very depths of mankind, it will in turn engender a veritable smorgasbord of reactions within your environs. Be that as it may, always remember that the greatest effect it will have, will be for the benefit of all, even if it will make quite a few individuals out there chafe at the reins because they see little or no options as what to do with all of this internal pressure they will feel arising within them as these emissaries continue to gather at their door. For this time, they will not leave, for this time, they will be insistent and so, whatever will be construed as a blockage is where the pressure will be increasing the most. Continue reading

ActivistPost – Government Says Big Pharma Kills More People Than All Illegal Drugs Combined – 1 April 2015

Logo_activistpost-comJohn Vibes
Activist Post

A new study has shown that pharmaceutical drugs cause more overdoses and more deaths than all of the illegal drugs on the market combined. According to the government’s own statistics, listed on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website, deaths relating to pharmaceutical drugs rose to roughly 23,000 last year, which accounts for over half of the total overdose deaths in the country for that time period.

Read the full story at: www.activistpost.com / link to original article

Tom Lescher – Astrology For The Soul March 31, 2015 – 1 April 2015

Uploaded on 31 March 2015 by Tom Lescher  As a social being,I am willing to relate,Knowing that nirvana,
We need to Co-create.Tumultuous could be a good word to describe these times eh? I would say that the wave has crested and we are now surfing inside the tube. After this lunar eclipse and Sun/Uranus conjunction things will begin to settle into more predictable and stable realities, especially later in the month when the Sun moves into Taurus. For now, ride the wave! Hook up with other amazing people and bring your amazing creative solutions into reality together. In order to do that you may have work through some fears, inhibitions, and pride, but what the heck…. don’t be stopped by the small stuff haha! Injoy!

ActivistPost – Mainstream News Confesses Vaccines Make People Contagious – 1 April 2015

Logo_activistpost-comBy Experimental Vaccines

The verdict is in. Despite years of alternative media’s assertions saying that, indeed, vaccines themselves make people contagious, mainstream media gives the following news flash: “Public Health Officials Know.” Kenny Valenzuela explains…

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NaturalNews – Jonathan Benson – World-Famous Scientist Jane Goodall Condemns GMO Food And Fraudulent Industry ‘Science’ – 1 April 2015

NaturalNewss Logo-April-2014NaturalNews) If Europe weakens its standards to allow the cultivation and import of untested genetically modified organisms (GMOs), it will be making a monumental and irreversible mistake based on corporate lies and pseudoscience. This was the emphatic warning recently given by primate expert and world-renowned scientist Jane Goodall, who boldly came out in condemnation of efforts at the political level to usher more “Frankenstein Food” into Europe against the collective will of the European people.

Since their introduction, GMOs have been given special inroads into the food supply — not based on legitimate science or necessity, but because powerful private interests successfully manipulated the regulatory process, first in weak-willed nations like the U.S., and now (potentially) in more cohesive places like Europe. Recognizing that GMOs have never been proven safe or even necessary (except to line the pockets of biotech moguls), Europe has largely remained a bulwark in defending the integrity of its food supply against GMO poison. Continue reading

ZeroHedge – Hillary Clinton Caught In Another Lie – 1 April 2015

ZeroHedgeThree weeks ago, when Hillary Clinton was scrambling to come up with a credible lie to explain why she was using a personal server for email distribution – one that was not US government property and thus exempt from official FOIA requests – she said during a press conference at the United Nations that the reason was simple: it was simply a matter of “convenience” of carrying just one device.

Read the full story at: www.zerohedge.com / link to original article

James Corbett – The Corbett Report – How To Worship The State – 1 April 2015

It is the most destructive, dangerous, bloody and virulent mind disease in history. In the 20th century alone, 200 million people were sacrificed at its altar. And almost everyone on the planet is a member. Join James as he tears up the rules on the cult of statism in this edition of Thought For The Day. Continue reading