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NWO Report – Court Releases ‘Fast And Furious’ Info Withheld By Obama – 1 August 2014

NWO Report

A federal court has ruled that the Obama Department of Justice must turn over to the non-profit watchdog group Judicial Watch an index of materials related to the “Fast and Furious” gun-running scandal that were withheld by the White House under executive privilege claims.

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Jim Self – Planetary Update – August 2014 – 1 August 2014

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Israel-Palestine: Is This A Debate? Russell Brand The Trews – 1 August 2014

Uploaded on 29 July 2014 by Russell Brand  Russell Brand The Trews (E111). Thanks for sending your video suggestions. Here’s my analysis of a Middle East ‘debate’ on Fox News.
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Putin Tells Obama Sanctions ‘Counter-Productive,’ Both Agree Dialogue Required – 1 August 2014

RT logoIn a phone call with Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin has said that imposing sanctions on Russia is counterproductive and affects international stability. The two presidents agreed that the current situation is not in the interests of their countries.

Both Obama and Putin has emphasized the importance of an “immediate and sustained ceasefire” in eastern Ukraine, but at the same time noted that “significant differences” remained between Moscow and Washington over Ukraine, a Kremlin statement said.

Besides Ukraine, the two leaders touched upon the recent rounds of sanctions imposed on Russia by the US.

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Dutch Investigators To RT: ‘We Had No Possibility To Visit The MH17 Crash Site’ – 1 August 2014

RT logoDutch experts who have taken the leading role in the MH17 plane crash investigation are not able to reach the crash site in eastern Ukraine, a spokesperson of the Dutch Safety Board told RT.

RT: Have your experts already been to the MH17 crash site in the Donetsk Region?

Wim van der Weegen: No, our Dutch investigators have not been there yet. Since the Dutch Safety Board took over the leadership of the investigation on July 23, there has been no possibility for us to visit the crash site.

RT: Why is there no possibility? Are there security reasons behind that?

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UK Column News – 1 August 2014

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‘Shocking Treatment’: British MP’s Call For Whistleblower Protection – 1 August 2014

RT logoAbusive treatment and rampant victimization of whistleblowers has created a climate in which large segments of defence and health workers would be afraid to report departmental malfeasance, the powerful all-party Public Accounts Committee has revealed.

The report, issued on Friday, said that one in three civil servants didn’t know how to raise concerns under the Whitehall code, and warned that fears of punishment would deter employees from exposing wrongdoing.

The statements come following a series of high-profile malpractices exposed by whistleblowers in the public sector, including the Mid-Staffordshire NHS scandal, in which over 1,000 patients died as a result of poor care and mismanagement.

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