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Jim Self – Planetary Update – January 2015 – 1 January 2015

Uploaded on 1 January 2015 by MasteringAlchemy
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Bill Ballard – 2015 Welcome To The Year Of Majik! Happy New Year – 1 January 2015

Uploaded on 1 January 2015  by pearls2u Hey Hey Beautiful People! Welcome to 2015! I feel this will be a year of Majic for all, no matter what we are creating. This is the year those of us in 1st wave of Ascension have cleared so much in our fields, expanded our LIGHT in ways never previously imagined where we will now bring it down into and through us and our bodies manifesting into whatever we desire and play with… What a year this one will be! LOVE!


Wes Annac – The Spiritualist Chronicles: Adjusting To The Spiritual Senses – 1 January 2015

wesannac2Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

The Spiritualist Chronicles is a series of articles that feature channeled descriptions of the afterlife. Spiritualism’s a religion that thrived in the late 1800s and early to mid-1900s, and it’s commonly associated with mediums and channeling. Like anything that has to do with these subjects, you’re encouraged to use discernment.

Some Spiritualists and mediums were eventually exposed as hoaxers who used a number of tricks to convince people that the orchestrated phenomena they witnessed were real, and this is why discernment’s always necessary.

The sensible descriptions of the afterlife we’ll explore here seem to confirm that not every Spiritualist was out to trick people, however, and some of them genuinely sought to connect with disembodied sources who gave detailed information. I don’t intend to promote Spiritualism, but I’m interested in the explanations it’s offered us about life after death. Continue reading

Ronna Herman – Latest Message From Archangel Michael – “Your Light Cloak Of Many Colors Awaits You” – 1 January 2015

ronna1aBeloved masters, as the Age of Pisces fully fades into the past, there is a new system of rules and Universal laws which will now apply to all emerging Spiritual/Human Beings.  A new, expanded cycle of Creation is in progress, and all of you who are striving to attain a unified state of consciousness will be designated as advanced cocreators of the future. As an empowered Bearer of God Light on the physical plane of existence, your new Divine Mission is to assist in the expansion of God-consciousness. Your goal is to become a master of manifestation, drawing forth the Essence of Creation, and activating it within your Sacred Heart. Then, through a heightened intuitive awareness, you will begin to receive specific thoughts / concepts, which will be sent forth into your Sacred Mind. You will gradually gain the ability to radiate new Seed Thoughts into your personal Flower of Life/Creator Wheel, which will begin the advanced process of creating those things that you require for an abundant, joyful, refined existence. Your Light resonance will increase as it gradually flows forth in a sweeping Infinity pattern, making a greater, more beneficial impact on your environment and those around you. Continue reading

Jamye Price – Creating Hallowed Ground – 1 January 2015

JamyePrice2012closeupBlessed Being, you begin a new year, amplifying your focus on the new.

Time will progress through this year, just as it always has. How will you progress with it? You will, for as Time moves, so do you. In your agreement with the collective of Life on Earth, you are subject to the cycles; the years, the seasons, the months, the days. Yet in Truth, you are not bound by them, only subjectively entwined. Your focus, your perspective regarding Time shapes its function with you. This is an important aspect of your Mastery, and it begins a basis of focus for your new year.   Continue reading

WakingTimes – The Top 10 Most Popular Natural Health Stories Of 2014 – 1 January 2015

waking_times_logo_6-5-12_1Anthony Gucciardi, Natural Society
Waking Times

From Monsanto and GMOs to natural cures and research

2014 was an exciting year for the natural health movement, as millions continued to research everything from alternative cures to the latest developments in the world of Monsanto and GMOs. As we venture into 2015, it’s essential to look back at the top 10 most popular stories, which are also some of the most profoundly important. Continue reading

Steve Lendman – Thoughts On New Year’s Eve – 1 January 2015

StevelendmanHeading into 2015, things look grim. Domestically and abroad. US presidents able to govern like despots. Unilaterally claim emergency powers.

Declare martial law. Suspend constitutional rights. Rule by diktat. With or without congressional and/or judicial authority.

Based on alleged national security threats. Real or contrived. Deploying US combat troops on US streets at their discretion.

Unheard of in so-called democracies. Wage naked aggression on their say. Order anyone killed anywhere for any reason.  Continue reading

Laua Bruno – Shiny And New – 1 January 2015

laura-of-the-rocksOriginally posted on Bohomofo:

Image by that fabulous genius, fashion photographer Tim Walker

Here we are and here it is again already, this last day of our calendar. Nearly time Bohemians to leave the triumph and wreckage of 2014 behind us and get all frocked up to celebrate the next new year.

It has a checkered history, our Western modern era first of January tipping point, mainly concerned with debate around religious observance (that old Pagan vs Christian bugbear) and whether the sun or moon should govern the calendar (Julius Caesar chose the sun in 46BC). The argument was finally settled in 1582 with the adoption of the Gregorian calendar although the British Empire, which at that stage included the American colonies, arrived late to the party by celebrating the new year in March until 1752.

Astrologically speaking, the turn of the wheel that happens with the solstice and the new moon is a grand time to set…

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Hyper Report – 2015 Predictions – 1 January 2015

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Cuba Thaw: A Chance To Break Out From The Yoke Of US Sanctions? – 1 January 2014

RT logoThe surprise political development of 2014 was undoubtedly the announcement by the US and Cuban governments in December that they are to embark on the process of normalizing relations between both countries.

After decades of a US-imposed economic blockade and policy of undermining the Cuban Revolution, the announcement, which arrived completely out of the blue, was treated as a victory in Havana, even though the economic blockade which has been responsible for so much suffering and hardship remains in place.

A remarkable achievement

It is remarkable to consider that Cuba and the Cuban people have successfully defied the world’s most powerful and destructive superpower for decades – even more so considering that this superpower lies on its very doorstep. This is an achievement that history will record as a triumph of self-determination, dignity, and justice over a global economic system under which nations of the Global South have long been denied the same.

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