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Blast Targets Football Fans In Nigeria, 40 Killed – Report – 1 June 2014

RT logoAt least 40 have been killed in an explosion at a football field in Mubi, northeast Nigeria, AFP reports citing a police source.

“There has been a bomb explosion at a football field this evening and so far more than 40 people have been killed,” an officer in the town said.

No group has claimed responsibility, though Boko Haram has staged attacks in the area in the past.

A military source told Reuters that the number of those dead and injured is not clear at this time. He added that several bodies were recovered and the wounded are still being evacuated.

A witness told the news agency that the blast happened in the evening.

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Netanyahu Urges World Not To Recognize Palestinian Unity Govt – 1 June 2014

RT logoIsraeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has firmly warned against the recognition of any Palestinian unity government, stating that a Fatah-Hamas government would only strengthen terrorism.

“I call on all responsible elements in the international community not to rush to recognize a Palestinian government which has Hamas as part of it and which is dependent on Hamas,” he said during a public cabinet meeting.

Netanyahu also stated on his official Twitter account that Hamas is a terrorist organization and that the unity government “rests” on it. He denounced Hamas for calling for the “destruction of Israel,” adding that “the international community must not embrace it.”

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CommonDreams – NSA Gathering Millions Of Images For Racial Recognition Technology – 1 June 2014

common-dreamsNSA Gathering Millions of Images for Facial Recognition Technology

New York Times report shows spy agency obtains images from social media, text messages, and emails

– Sarah Lazare, staff writer

The National Security Agency is mass collecting facial images through its surveillance programs for use in facial recognition technology, journalists James Risen and Laura Poitras revealed Saturday in the New York Times. Continue reading

Parents In Ukraine’s Donetsk Rally, Demand Security For Their Kids – 1 June 2014

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Over a thousand people rallied in the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk on Sunday demanding that children be protected from Kiev’s assault, with posters reading “Save Donbass kids from the Ukrainian army!”

The “Protect Donbass Children” rally saw several hundreds come out on Sunday to the city center, many holding banners reading “No to the Ukrainian army,” “Slavic world without fascism” and “We are for peace“. Mothers with their kids, some injured women among them, demanded an end to the offensive in the region.

The military operation has not stopped after the Ukrainian elections, but has, in fact, intensified. Several children were reported injured in Slavyansk on May 30, after the Ukrainian military shelled the town’s residential area, with one of the shells hitting a children’s hospital. A couple of days earlier a school and a kindergarten were damaged by Kiev’s fire in Slavyansk.

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Fracking On Private Land To Be Permitted In Queen’s Speech – Leak – 1 June 2014

RT logoAn infrastructure and competitiveness bill to be announced in the Queen’s speech on Wednesday will change trespassing laws, allowing shale gas exploration firms to drill on private land without requiring the permission of the owner, UK media report.

The Queens speech marks the formal start of the parliamentary year and sets the proposed government agenda for the session, which will run from June 4. On Sunday, British media started leaking the contents of this year’s address, its topics varying from fracking to a “radical shake-up of workplace pensions.”


The fracking bill will allow companies to drill on private property without asking permission through reform of trespassing laws, according to ITV.

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Qatar Accused Of Paying $5Mn In Bribes To Win World Cup Bid – 1 June 2014

RT logoSenior football officials in Africa received over $5 million in bribes to make sure Qatar won the bid for the 2022 World Cup, the Sunday Times reports citing leaked documents.

According to the paper, the money came from former FIFA vice-president and infamous Qatari businessman, Mohamed Bin Hammam.

Bin Hammam reportedly used 10 slush funds controlled by his private company – as well as cash handouts – to make dozens of payments of up to $200,000 to the heads of the 30 African football associations.

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CommonDreams – Thailand Deploys Thousands Of Soldiers To Crush Anti-Coup Protests – 1 June 2014

Thcommon-dreamsailand Deploys Thousands of Soldiers to Crush Anti-Coup Protests

Despite ban on public gatherings, demonstrations have occurred daily since military takeover

– Sarah Lazare, staff writer

Thousands of police and troops were deployed to Thailand’s capital Sunday in a bid to crush planned mass protests against the country’s recent military coup.

Deputy police chief Somyot Poompanmoung told Reuters that 5,700 police and soldiers are headed for Bangkok Sunday, with plans to quash demonstrations in other areas of Thailand. According to numerous media reports, Bangkok’s commercial center has been largely shut down.

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