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Military Sexual Assault Reports Skyrocket 50 Percent – 1 May 2014

RT logoMembers of the United States military are increasingly coming forward regarding sexual assault – so much so that the number of cases reported have shot up by 50 percent.

Following a recent push by the Pentagon to encourage victims to step forward and report abuses, a new survey – scheduled for release Thursday – is expected to show there were more than 5,000 cases of sexual assault during the 2013 fiscal year ending September 30. During the previous fiscal year, more than 3,300 cases were reported.

What’s more, the Associated Press is reporting that the Pentagon was able to discipline in some way about 73 percent of those accused of assault, a seven percent increase over 2012.

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Supreme Court Refuses To Stop Indefinite Detention Of Americans Under NDAA – 1 May 2014

RT logoThe United States Supreme Court this week effectively ended all efforts to overturn a controversial 2012 law that grants the government the power to indefinitely detain American citizens without due process.

On Monday, the high court said it won’t weigh in on challenge filed by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Chris Hedges and a bevy of co-plaintiffs against US President Barack Obama, ending for now a two-and-a-half-year debate concerning part of an annual Pentagon spending bill that since 2012 has granted the White House the ability to indefinitely detain people “who are part of or substantially support Al-Qaeda, the Taliban or associated forces engaged in hostilities against the United States.”

The Obama administration has long maintained that the provision — Section 1021(b)(2) of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012 — merely reaffirmed verbiage contained within the Authorization for Use of Military Force, or AUMF, signed by then-President George W. Bush in the immediate aftermath of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

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Canada Kick Up A Fracking Fuss As Govt Body Slams Poor Research – 1 May 2014

RT logoA new report by Environment Canada, a governmental body, admits there is too little scientific information on the effects of hydraulic fracturing on the environment and human health.

The report by 14 international experts was compiled at the request of Environment Canada to consider the pollution impacts of the exploration and extraction of Canada’s shale gas resources.

Unlike the United States, which has seen an explosion of shale gas development, fracking in Canada has moved at a much slower pace.The authors note that this gives the country an opportunity to develop shale gas resources responsibly.

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Aisha North – The Manuscript Of Survival – Part 414 – 1 May 2014

AishaNorthAs many of you have already noticed, the wheels keep turning faster and faster now, and the engine of change has been put into a brand new gear. This engine of change is indeed a formidable piece of machinery, and that is because all of the components of this machine are alive. And you count as perhaps the most vital parts of this machinery, and when we say vital, we do mean that in every connotation of the word. For this living machine, this powerful creation that in turn creates the New is in fact nothing more than a conglomeration of souls, some of them inhabiting a physical body, such as yours, while others exist on the etheric plane. And together, you make up a huge and complex army of co-workers, all connected together in such a way, that no matter how hard any single one of the components tries to hold back because of fear, this cannot stop the continuation of this whole operation. Continue reading

TheIndependent – Canary Wharf ‘Bomb Scare’: Controlled Explosion Carried Out In London’s Financial District Following Reports Of ‘Suspicious Package’ – 1 May 2014

The Independent

Controlled explosion carried out following security alert in Canary Wharf

By Maria Tadeo

Quote: A Metropolitan police spokesperson told The Independent officers were called to Barclays’ headquarters, near Churchill Place in London’s Canary Wharf, at 9am this morning and a controlled explosion took place.

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ZeroHedge – What $1.4 Trillion In QE Buys The US Economy – 1 May 2014

Back in December of 2012, the Fed, after two and a half failed attempts to stimulate the economy (via QE1, QE2 and Operation Twist), announced Open-Ended QE of an indefinite injection of $85 billion per month (which it currently is tapering at a pace of $10 billion per month on the realization that it has soaked up virtually all high quality collateral). Since then the Fed’s balance sheet has grown from $2.9 trillion to $4.3 trillion: a direct injection of $1.4 trillion in liquidity into the stock market, if not so much the economy, which as Wall Street is suddenly busy telling us following the latest disappointing construction spending data (the same Wall Street which initially expected Q1 GDP to be 2.75%), probably contracted for the first time in three years!

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ZeroHedge – IMF Warns Ukraine: Fight For The East Or No Money – 1 May 2014

IMF approved the $17bn tranched loan to Ukraine last night, Gazprom gets paid; Ukraine gets its cash; and the door’s wide open for the US and EU to pour more ‘controlling influence’ into the divided nation… Except there’s one thing:


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Jon Rappoport – Censored Language The Mind-Prison Of The Group – 1 May 2014

jon7The bottom-line goal of all social constructs is convincing individuals they are, first and foremost, part of a group.

If this strategy for control succeeds, then criminals and hustlers of every stripe can peddle their stench-ridden wares. To groups.

The collective is, above all, a funnel down into which propaganda can be poured, like swamp water. Continue reading

ZeroHedge – “Mansion Tax” Coming To New York, Compliments Of Mayor De Blasio – 1 May 2014

ZeroHedgeFor all the talk about the “brilliance” of Thomas Piketty’s proposal to tax the financial assets of the “rich”, Zero Hedge first warned it would come in September 2011, and subsequently the IMF also sent out trial balloons in various white papers, even though it vehemently denied it was espousing such a concept. Of course, what happened next was just this in March of last year when taxpayers, rich and not so rich, ended up getting taxed involuntarily when Cyprus collapsed and deposits across the board were confiscated to bailout the local banking system. But the first real salvo to layer on taxes focusing on the ultra rich came earlier this year when the UK’s “Mansion Tax” proposal became a reality.

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ZeroHedge – Frontrunning – 1 May 2014

  • ZeroHedgeTwo-Thirds of Insurance Exchange Enrollees Paid Premiums (WSJ)
  • Panic: Criminal Charges Against Banks Risk Sparking Crisis (BBG)
  • Did the junk bubble pop: Junk Loans Pulled as Investors Say No After Fed Raises Concerns (BBG)
  • CME mulls price fluctuation limits for gold, silver futures (Reuters)
  • AT&T Has Approached DirecTV About Possible Acquisition (WSJ)
  • NBA sets wheels turning for Clippers sale; Oprah in wings (Reuters)
  • One way to fix prison overcrowding: Florida Jail Hit by Deadly Blast (WSJ)
  • New Boeing jets hold key to more than half of future sales (Reuters)
  • Sony slashes profit estimate by 70% (Guardian)
  • Buffett Pressures Coca-Cola Over Executive Pay (WSJ)
  • Two attackers among three killed in China bombing (Reuters)
  • Ukraine’s restive east slipping from government’s grasp (Reuters)
  • Hess, Mercuria Units Added to Brent Crude Price-Fixing Lawsuit (BBG)

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