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Natalie Glasson – Meeting Of Masters By The Ascended Masters – 1 November 2014

natalie glassonThis is an extract from the Meeting of the Masters Gathering on the inner planes.Djwhal Khul: It is with great joy we gather together as Ascended Masters in the ashram and office of the Mahachohan Saint Germain. As usual we are brought together to share that which we have received fromthe Creator with each other creating a focus of seeding our gathered consciousness into the Earth andconsciousness of humanity. This process allows us to share energies collected and received from the Creator simultaneously with all souls experiencing the Earthly journey we have all partaken in. We are here to support spiritual and love evolution, ascension and expansion for all. Each of you are welcome heretoday, I honour and greet with humble and expansive love, Mahachohan Saint Germain, Lady Portia, Master Kuthumi, Lord Melchizedek, Master El Morya, Master Serapis Bey, Lady Nada, Lady Quan Yin, Master Jesus, Master Hilarion, Master Paul, Master Joshua, Lady Pallas Athena, Lady Andromeda, Master Lanto and Lord Buddha. We call upon the Creator to flood our souls and sacred space bringing enhancedinspiration and magnification as our purpose is to heal and more fully awaken the consciousness of humanity. Blessings be to all. Continue reading


Steve Lendman – Sadistic Israeli Murder – 1 November 2014

StevelendmanIt continues with disturbing regularity. Mass murder or one targeted Palestinian at a time.
Usually an innocent youth or child. In harm’s way in the wrong place at the wrong time.
On October 24, Israeli soldiers murdered 14-year-old Orwa Hammad. American born. The second US child Israel killed in recent days.
Its killing machine is shows no mercy. Operating unrestrained. Mindless of rule of law principles.
Doing whatever it damn pleases. For any reason or none at all.

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RT – Going Underground: Ken Livingstone – Politicians Get ‘Reward For Serving America’s Interests’ – 1 November 2014

Uploaded on 1 November 2014 by RT
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British Public Not Interested In Fighting America’s Wars – Former London Mayor Livingston – 1 November 2014

RT logoDownload video (84.58 MB)
Former mayor of London Ken Livingstone believes that since as far back as the First World War, the United States, with Britain’s help, has intervened on numerous occasions all over the Middle East just to control the flow of oil.If you follow Middle East history since this period, then the West has propped up corrupt regimes and overthrown democratically elected ones, Ken Livingston told RT.

All the main newspapers and media outlets in Britain are owned by a few billionaires and are signed up to the Anglo-American alliance and give unwavering support to America’s interests despite the loss of “thousands of British lives,” says Livingston.

And the media monopoly is against a background of decreasing numbers of MPs, such as Tony Benn and Ken himself, who will pull parliament up and question “the kind of dodgy things we’ve been involved in.”

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Jon Rappoport – The Incredible Shrinking Flu Hoax – 1 November 2014

jon7“For protection on Halloween night, you must rub two grasshoppers together, if you see a cat crossing the road holding a Louis Vuitton monogrammed handbag—which, as everyone knows, is a sure sign of imminent danger. The protection-ritual called vaccination makes about as much sense, except there you have doctors, nurses, and drugstore loiterers injecting toxic chemicals, heavy metals, and multiple germs directly into the body.” (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)

I’ve posted these facts before. But this time, I’ll take them even further down the rabbit hole, to their logical and shocking conclusion. Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – November Unleashes ALL Your Power!! Will You CHOOSE To Use It?? – 1 November 2014

lisagawlas2Man did I wake up with a song in my heart and spirit going on and on about tendrils than these flowy things we have moving off of our bodies, kinda reminds me of something from under the sea.  They also gave us all a visual that I believe is going to be very helpful, of course it would be, spirit never knocks on my consciousness as I am waking up, they knock on it thru you!! lol But they showed me placing my hand on my heart and really feeling the heartbeat, then feeling the emotion happening in the body, then sync up with the ears, which many of us have ongoing ringing sounds there, on purpose obviously.  This is the cellular sound of our body singing.  Seems my cells sing as out of tune as I do!!  Doesn’t sound musical in my ears!   That’s when I could see these tendrils, a silvery blue in color, swaying to the rhythm, elongating…. and then I got out of bed! Continue reading

US Arrests Head Of Russian Nuclear Subsidiary On Extortion & Conspiracy Charges – 1 November 2014

RT logoThe head of a Russian subsidiary trading uranium fuel in the US has been arrested on extortion and conspiracy charges for causing financial damage to own parent company, after allegedly declining to give evidence against high-ranking Russian officials.

Russian national, Vadim Mikerin, 55, the general director of the TENAM USA Corporation based in Bethesda, Maryland, was taken into custody on Wednesday, October 29. Allegedly, he accepted $1,692,995 in kickback payments for providing lucrative $33 million contracts for transportation of radioactive material from Russia to the US, said an official United States Attorney’s Office release. If found guilty, Mikerin could face 20 years in prison.

TENAM is the US subsidiary of Moscow-based JSC Techsnabexport (TENEX), a company responsible for international sale and transportation of nuclear material produced by the Russian state-owned nuclear monopoly Rosatom and fully belongs to it.

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Boko Haram Denies Truce With Govt, Says Kidnapped Girls ‘Married Off’ – 1 November 2014

RT logoThe Boko Haram leader denies any negotiations with the Nigerian government and claims that the 219 girls kidnapped earlier this year have converted to Islam and been “married off.”

“Don’t you know the over 200 Chibok schoolgirls have converted to Islam?” said Abubakar Shekau, the radical Islamist group’s leader in a video obtained by AP and AFP on Friday.

“They have now memorized two chapters of the Koran. We have married them off. They are in their marital homes,” he added, laughing.

Although many of the kidnapped girls escaped after the first few days of their abduction, 219 remain missing. An international Twitter campaign, #BringBackOurGirls, was launched in an effort to spur the Nigerian government to take more decisive measures to rescue the girls.

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‘360-Degree Range’: Israel Develops Maritime ‘Iron Dome’ Missile Defense System – 1 November 2014

RT logoIsrael is looking to build on the success of its Iron Dome, used during the Gaza War this summer, by creating a maritime version. The developers say it boasts a 360-degree range and can fire a missile every second.

The architect of the new program, Rafael, an Israeli state owned defense contractor, is looking to find buyers for its new sea-based missile system. They believe it could be especially effective in trying to defend and protect economic assets at sea, such as oil and gas platforms.

The C-Dome was unveiled at this week’s Euronaval conference in Le Bourget.

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‘Inner Voices’: US Scientists Spy On Human Minds With Brain Decoder – 1 November 2014

RT logoKeeping your thoughts strictly to yourself may soon prove infeasible, with scientists working on a break-through, mind-reading device. The idea is to help people who are physically unable to interact with the outside world.

In fact, it’s all about hearing “inner voices” and correctly interpreting them with the help of unique individual decoders, a researcher from the University of California, Berkley, explained.

“If you’re reading text in a newspaper or a book, you hear a voice in your own head. We’re trying to decode the brain activity related to that voice to create a medical prosthesis that can allow someone who is paralyzed or locked in to speak,” Brian Pasley told New Scientist magazine.

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