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James Corbett – The Corbett Report – Interview 951 – Inverting The Federal Reserve Pyramid – 10 October 2014

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We all know the bad news: the Federal Reserve Act was passed by Congress in 1913 as the capstone to the banksters’ financial pyramid. Now fewer and fewer cronies own a greater and greater share of the economic pie. But here’s the good news: we are the ones holding that pyramid up, and we can start removing ourselves from the base of this structure. Join James Corbett and We Are Change Fresno for this in-depth conversation on “Century of Enslavement: The History of the Federal Reserve” on WAC Fresno Radio.

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Steve Lendman – Dueling Ideologies: America v. Russia and Venezuela – 10 October 2014

StevelendmanThese countries are geopolitical opposites. America represents rogue governance. Permanent war is official policy.
Russia and Venezuela prioritize world peace and stability. Responsible governance. Respect for sovereign independence. Rule of law inviolability.
On October 8, Obama addressed top Pentagon commanders. He usually does it in White House surroundings.
“(N)ow was a good time for me to come over to the Pentagon,” he said. “(T)o hear from our top military about the work that they’re doing.”

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Laura Bruno – Bill Gates – Ebola, Death And Vaccines: Add In WHO, PATH, GAVI, UNICEF, Merck, GSK – 10 October 2014


This is a really important summary (with links for additional details) about the connections among Bill Gates, the “Ebola” outbreak, WHO and various “charities” and the BigPharmafia. Since we will almost certainly be offered — hopefully not forced — to receive Ebola vaccines, here’s your chance to do your own due diligence before deciding whom to trust when it comes to injecting something into your body. Decide for yourself, but please make that an informed decision. Well worth the click through… other countries are waking up big time.

Originally posted on 2012: What’s the ‘real’ truth?:

I’ve posted much of this factual information separately, but here it is in a form that makes it great for sharing with others. ~J

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Jon Rappoport – CDC Whistleblower: What Happens Next? – 10 October 2014

jon7Is William Thompson, the CDC whistleblower, a man caught in the middle…or are his supporters caught in the middle waiting for a decisive moment that will never come?

Thompson, on August 27th, published a confession through his Cincinnati lawyer, Rick Morgan. Thompson admitted that he and his co-authors committed fraud, in a 2004 study that looked into a possible connection between the MMR vaccine and autism.

According to Thompson, he and his co-authors omitted vital data and broke the accepted study protocol, thereby giving the vaccine a free pass and falsely claiming it had no connection to autism—when it did. Continue reading

Diabetes Breakthrough: Human Stem Cells Altered To Make Insulin – 10 October 2014

RT logoIn what could be a major breakthrough for diabetes treatment, scientists have discovered a way to drastically alter human embryonic stem cells, transforming them into cells that produce and release insulin.

Developed by researchers at Harvard University, the innovative new technique involves essentially recreating the formation process of beta cells, which are located in the pancreas and secrete insulin. By stimulating certain genes in a certain order, the Boston Globe reports that scientists were able to charm embryonic stem cells – and even altered skin cells – into becoming beta cells.

The whole process took 15 years of work, but now lead researcher Doug Melton says the team can create hundreds of millions of these makeshift beta cells, and they’re hoping to transplant them into humans starting in the next few years.

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Women Face Charges For Anti-Drone Protest Near NSA Facility – 10 October 2014

RT logoThree women who protested the United States’ use of drones are now facing federal charges – and $1,300 each in fines – after being accused of trying to enter the National Security Agency’s protected property in Maryland.

The original protest happened back in May, but New Jersey’s Manijeh Saba and Baltimore residents Marilyn Carlisle and Ellen Barfield – a US Army veteran – appeared in US District Court on Thursday to defend themselves against several charges, according toNJ.com.

While protesting outside of Fort Meade, Maryland, the three women tried to deliver a letter that called for a meeting with National Security Agency Director, Vice-Admiral Michael Rogers. The protesters wanted to express their opposition to the NSA’s drone targeting methods, but law enforcement officials claim the women attempted to enter protected property without authorization.

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Suzanne Lie – Living Portals Of Light – The Arcturians And Gaia – 10 October 2014

SuzanneLieDear Arcturians,

Dear Higher Expression of my SELF, I felt you were telling me something during my meditation. Can you assist me to put your message into words?

Of course Suzille,

We are happy to assist you, for we are YOU. Do you remember your reality as an Arcturian? You have often written as though we are above you in some manner, but we want you to remember that we are WITHIN you. Above and below are third dimensional terms based on space/time. Continue reading

German Kurds Continue Rallying Amid Heavy Police Presence – 10 October 2014

RT logoMore than 2 thousand German Kurds have gathered in Stuttgart, Mannheim and Karlsruhe to protest the lack of action by the international community to protect the Kurdish population that face an imminent threat from Islamic State militants in Syria.

In Stuttgart about 1,500 people gathered in support of the Kurds after the afternoon’s multi-day vigil at the Schlossplatz. A large police presence insured order in the city, as the police seized several dangerous items – from pepper spray up to a machete, Stuttgarter-Nachrichten reports. No other incidents were reported, but authorities said that they were prepared to respond to violence

“We adapt our forces to the behavior of the demonstrators,” Stuttgart’s Interior Ministry spokesman said, Stuttgarter-zeitung reports.

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Jon Rappoport – Dept. Of Defense Ebola Manual: Smoking Guns – 10 October 2014

jon7As I’ve been pointing out, the standard test for diagnosing Ebola is the PCR, which has many flaws that render it misleading and useless.

Therefore, “diagnosed with Ebola,” through the PCR test, means nothing. “Ebola” could be flu, could be “drinking contaminated water,” could be any number of non-Ebola conditions.

Analogy: you’re flying a plane at night over a land mass your instruments tell you is Greenland—but the instruments often indicate Greenland when they should be reporting Iceland, Alaska, Nova Scotia, Quebec or even Fiji. Continue reading

Pepsi And Coke Take Hammering In Mexico As Junk Food Tax Starts To Bite – 10 October 2014

RT logoMexico has become one of the few places Pepsi and Coke have seen declining sales after the country adopted anti-obesity laws last year. Concerned over the losses the US beverage industry seems determined to stop similar legislation at home.

PepsiCo saw a 3 percent drop in snack sales volume in Mexico, while reporting a higher quarterly profit in global sales on Thursday.

Its main rival Coca-Cola has also reported beverage volume declines in the Latin American country for the first half of the year, AP reports.

Mexico joined the list of countries which are trying to fight the growing global obesity problem when it voted in legislation to tax unhealthy food and sugary drinks at the end of last year. But unlike other countries like Norway and Hungary which have also passed similar laws, in Mexico it was largely the result of the anti-obesity crusade by President Enrique Pena Nieto.

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