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Gillian MacBeth-Louthan – 11:11:11 Doorway Opens, Closes 1/11/12 – 15 November 2011

via http://www.stevebeckow.com by Steve Beckow  link to article

As received by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan


As the 11:11;11 energies enter let them purge you of what has been solidified and blocked. All of heaven known and unknown enters through this 11:11 Gateway. Align with all you know to be love. A flooding of the heart allows you to rise above previous emotional tide lines and the barnacles of the past. Set sail into a heart that is free of debris, free of the definitions of the past. Continue reading


Wes Annac – Dealing With The 11.11.11 Disappointment -12 November 2011

The mythical 11.11.11 date has come and went, though the effects of such date are still being felt and will continue to be felt for weeks and even months to come. While we were told (and I very much believe) that many energy portals are now online and have come online on this date, it does seem that as of yet no visible or tangible miracles have taken place, leaving many including myself disappointed and confused. I would like to take a look in this article at some of the disappointment surrounding 11.11.11, as I know I am not the only one to be disappointed by this date. BUT – please do not assume this a negative article, as it very much is not. Yes there are disappointing aspects of 11.11.11 that myself and many others experienced and I feel they do need to be addressed if myself and many others are to move on and grow further. However, the coming and passing of this date with no clear miracles does not mean we need to give up faith altogether. I would like to examine this whole issue by doing what I seem to do best – talk about myself. Continue reading

Linda Dillon – Archangel Michael to Ascenders and Starseeds on 11-11-11 – 10 November 2011

Archangel Michael to Ascenders and Starseeds on 11-11-11. via http://www.stevebeckow.com posted by Steve Beckow.

I’ve had a discussion with Archangel Michael about 11/11/11, thanks to Linda Dillon. Ellen has transcribed the tape in record time, for which I give her my deepest  thanks.

Here then is the audio and the interview itself, meant to assist people to know how to make the best use of the wonderful energies of this 11/11/11, whether they intend to go and return as Gatekeepers or stay and serve as Lightworkers. What AA Michael says here apparently applies not only to 11/11/11 but to the remainder of time culminating in our collective Ascension.

Here is the interview with Archangel Michael through Linda Dillon:

Linda Dillon: This is a reading with Steve Beckow on November 10, 2011.

Archangel Michael: Greetings, I am Michael.

SB: Greetings, Lord. Thank you for coming.

AAM: Welcome, my friend.

SB: Thank you. Continue reading

Suzanne Poulson Spooner – Archangel Gabriel & 11/11/11 – 10 November 2011

You=all of us

November 10, 2011

AA Gabriel

[Hello Dear Gabriel. (Listening to Tom Kenyon’s pituitary attunement for 11/11/11.) ] Hello Suzy, I like this attunement. May I give you some understanding on this momentous day? [Yes, please do! Are you referring to tomorrow, 11/11/11?] Yes. 11/11/11 is only the beginning of planetary ascension. Planetary connection to higher planes is already occurring. However you wish to bring in the sacred energy, you will account for the vibration & frequency adjustment on a grand scale. Universally all in 4th dimension and higher will be attuned to assist you & Gaia. Let your heart & third eye be in control. Open your heart to gratitude that you have imagined a new world of high consciousness and that very soon all the amnesia you entered this life with will fade away. In your meditation be in your High Heart & love all. Now is now.

by Suzanne Poulson Spooner from http://www.theartofuniversalknowing.com/

11.11 11 Message From The Pleiadian Council Of Light – Suggestions For 11.11.11 Ceremonies


 Pleiadian Council of Light comes now with a directive for the 11.11.11 time window on your Earth plane.

We speak to all of you who have stepped out of zombie-land now.

We speak to all of you dear brothers and sisters who have bravely woken up to the reality that you have been controlled, and who have chosen to step outside of the box and let go of the chains that have bound you. Continue reading

Wes Annac – 11.11.11: What has Happened and, What will Happen? – 2 November 2011

Well, dearest of friends, here we are. September began to bring us our conscious realization of infinity, October brought us the end of the Mayan Calender, and now we have reached the fabled November 2011. In just a few short days we will be at the threshold of the 11.11.11, which has promised to bring us many etheric wonders and changes that will manifest in our Lives, collectively and individually. These are the times where it is best to take a step back and look at everything that has been accomplished, before we move onward on our infinite journey Home. So, what have we manifested so far? Continue reading

Greg Giles – Pleiadian Messages – 11.11.11 – 1 November 2011

Wes Annac – Our friend Greg may be ascending on the 11.11.11, so I would soak up these wonderful messages from our Pleiadian friends while we can!! :)

Pleiadian Messages 11/1/11

Many of you love all others of your world unconditionally, though there are those who distain others and only care about themselves, therefore making no attempt to contribute to the whole of society as a collective endeavor. Truly realizing full potential is a society who realizes that together they make up the reality they will experience. This is the key. The collective consciousness grid is fueled by the thought forms entered into it by each and every member of the society. This grid acts as a projector, filling your shared theater with the images and sounds of your story. Each individual is responsible for his or her parts in your co-written script. Please be careful when choosing your thoughts, as in a way, you may say that it is irresponsible of you to feed energies into the collective consciousness grid that have a negative effect on others around you. Although all is choice and you have the right to choose any reality you wish to experience, karma also plays a role when you affect someone else’s life in a negative way. This is a delicate dance, and it is the wise soul who has learned to give in order to receive. You are only taking from yourself when you have learned to take in order to receive. There really is no such thing as stealing, as in reality you are only borrowing what you will eventually pay back until your balance is paid in full. The same goes for giving, as everything you give will eventually come back to you. Give, receive, share. The balance sheet will always figure perfectly at the end of your day. Continue reading

Steve Beckow – On to the Global Impact of the 11-11-11 Stargate

On to the Global Impact of the 11-11-11 Stargate. by Steve Beckow via 2012 IndyInfo.com

We’ve now passed through the first of three important 2011 dates: Oct. 28, 2011. Our attention now goes to the second: Nov. 11, 2011, which Archangel Michael calls the second triple stargate and SaLuSa calls the “love wave.” (1) What do our sources say about the nature, impact, and opportunity of this important event? 

What is the 11-11-11 Stargate?

Archangel Michael explains what we can expect on 11-11-11.

“Beloved family of Light, this is a great moment in the Transformation of Planet Earth and the establishment of the New Earth and the Golden Age of Peace and Love. You have reached the Time Portal, or Stargate, that is called 11/11/11, on the 11th of November 2011. It represents a ‘Cosmic Moment’ of Global Awakening and Unity, and the Moment when the ‘Light Codes’ or ‘Cosmic Codes’ of Renewal are received into the Crystalline grids of the Earth. The Reception of the Codes of Renewal will again accelerate the frequencies of the Earth Hologram, allowing for Reconnection with the Seventh Dimension of Consciousness, as the Planet continues on her Journey into the Divine Heart of Multi-Dimensional Consciousness.

“It is indeed a Moment of Joy and Celebration.” (2)

Patricia Diane Cota-Robles discusses some of the changes happening on that day to the Earth.

“The events of 11-11-11 will be multifaceted and multidimensional, but one of the most significant events involves a quantum shift in Earth’s Crystal Grid System. This is the system that functions within the body of Mother Earth in the same way Humanity’s Chakras, acupuncture meridians, and acupuncture points function in our bodies. The Crystal Grid System is the vehicle through which the Light of God is flowing to increase the energy, vibration, and consciousness of every atomic and subatomic particle and wave of precious Life energy existing on Earth. This is the system through which Earth’s Ascension into the 5th-Dimensional Realms of Infinite Light is being victoriously accomplished.” (3)

The Pleiaidian High Council suggest that this stargate will bring important advancements to wayshowers or lightworkers as well. The PHC refer to this event as an “inception.”

“We, like you, can feel the pulsing energies of convergence building around your sphere and we are just so delighted at what each of you, the new earth guardians, are about to experience in yourselves, and witness in each other. …

“The moment that each of you have been waiting for, the moment that we have termed ‘inception’ is approaching. This is heralded by the massive energies precipitated by the opening of the 11:11 stargate portal on 11/11/11. What this means for the way-showers is monumental, for it is this group who will be physically laying the template on earth for all other inhabitants to follow.” (4)

Lauren Gorgo gives added detail on the expected changes to our templates and bio-circuitry:

“Our bio-circuitry is adjusting to incorporate and adapt to the new codes we are already receiving from the upcoming 11:11 stargate portal. The emanations sent forth by the great central sun are encoding our biology with new mandates, new directives.” (5)

The Great Love Wave

SaLuSa calls this massive energy influx “the Love Wave” and says of it:

“There is no doubt that not only time is continuing to speed up, but events important to the necessary changes are also reaching a climax. It bodes well for the immediate period which is highlighted by the Love Wave of 11.11.11. …

“There is a beautiful Light spreading across the Earth that is linking many groups, that are in turn attracting more people. Where some have been unaware of the confrontation between the dark and the Light, there is a stirring within and many are now awakening. That will be helped forward by the powerful surge of energy that 11.11.11 will bring to you all, including Mother Earth.” (6)

On another occasion, he told us that “the Light energies … are ever increasing and bringing calmness to you. They will be growing more powerful by the day, and 11.11.11 will bring about a great leap forward that many will actually experience.” (7)

Through Celia, Archangel Michael said that, as we headed tWe’veowards 11-11-11, we were “preparing to enter into the first full cycle of Fifth-Dimensional Reality.” He saw these as grand occasions and told us: “Beloved Ones, you are all invited to be present at the Grand Ceremonies of Inauguration of the New Earth Reality on the 11/11/11, the 12/12/12 and the 21/12/12.” (8)

Its Impact

SaLuSa told us in late October that, as a result of “the expected energy surge with the coming of 11.11.11 there will definitely be an upliftment, and it remains to be seen how far it goes.” (9) On other occasions, he predicted a “big increase in levels of consciousness” (10) and “a sudden upliftment.” (11) He said that this was important “for the outworking of the final needs to achieve success. It can no longer be delayed and you shall be aware of its commencement.” (12)

The Galactic Federation through Blossom Goodchild also give us a little background on the energetic impact of the energies of 11-11-11. They remind us that these energies are part of periodic packages that are arriving over time for us to assimilate.

“What is to come about in the coming days is a transference of energy that will have you ‘boggled’. You cannot NOT be affected by these ‘waves’ … for they ride on a strength that you will certainly consider to be ‘fruitful’. It shall seem to the physical self of great surges of energy filling the body. It will heighten the senses and can be applied to engage in a deeper form of meditation should the recipient so choose. …

“The energies that are … flowing in shall reside and fluctuate in and around your planet for an exact period of time . The energy is participating in its glory as it assists mankind to rise. When this particular ‘batch’ has infiltrated … then things shall quieten again for a time until it is deemed necessary for the next arrival.” (13)

Lauren Gorgo also reviewed the impact the 11-11-11 energies will have on us.

“Overall, I am hearing that the 11:11 will bring in some robust energies that, depending on where we are on our journey, will either catapult us to freedom or bring us to a new dimension of awareness. In all cases it will be the next level of our personal evolutionary development and this means the biological aspects will need to be addressed…whether we are ascending into an angelic-human or not. Experience has taught us that any energy blast or major portal opening will mean more rest, relaxation and downtime is required. No one looks forward to that but at least we are so beat up by now that its nearly impossible to resist any more. I guess we have that going for us…which is nice.” (14)

SaLuSa predicted that 11-11-11 “might well be the first time that many of you will actually experience a lifting up.”

“It is another reason that your destiny is assured, and illustrates just how much help you are being given. It could be looked upon as the real commencement of Ascension, and as the trigger for many more events planned to carry you forward.” (15)

“It will be the commencement of a new period that will bring more changes in your levels of consciousness. It will continue and put you well on the path to Galactic Consciousness. After all, you are great Beings of Light that are re-claiming your rightful place in the Cosmos. Our task is to see that you do so, and we are about to open up the final pathway to Ascension and beyond.” (16)

Many of us will see our psychic abilities begin to unfold after 11-11-11, SaLuSa says.

“The next key time will be 11.11.11 that can be looked upon as a high point, when some of you will become more psychic and sensitive to the energies around you. For some of you your telepathic abilities will become active, and you will find that you can communicate with both humans and animals.” (17)

In the face of this “great wave of love and joy [that will] sweep over the world,” SaLuSa says, “ barriers between people will quickly come down.” (18) The effect of it on us should help the cause of world peace, he says.

“That elusive world peace should be a lot nearer, and even now few have an appetite to continue the wars that rage at present. Behind that of course is the rising consciousness levels of the people who have stated loud and clear, that enough is enough.” (19)

He tells us that 11-11-11 will prepare us for events that will come fast and thick after this year’s end: “You will start 2012 with an uplifted vibration resulting from 11.11.11, and the changes will come thick and fast thereafter.” (20)  From 11-11-11 onward, SaLuSa tells us, “the path should get decidedly easier.” (21)

Help Available

Lauren tells us that these energies may prove a bit challenging to some.

“The Pleiadian High Council would like for us to know that the new human apparatus is well-equipped to handle these changes. However, it may be of benefit for those of who are experiencing great difficulty to embrace the many modalities available to us to assist in easing the transition on our bods, as well as to give a much-needed boost to our emotional and mental well-being.” (22)

She reminds us that help is available to us as we struggle through these changes.

“I am hearing some folks are having trouble assimilating to these new frequencies and for those heavily in the embodiment process, this is just a reminder that we don’t have to suffer thru these changes alone…that help is available should you need it. The PHC say that there are many people here specifically to support us thru these changing times, and that if we don’t utilize these gifts and offerings that we may be robbing ourselves of a great opportunity to not only survive these changes, but to thrive in them. The physical body needs care and nurturing as it is being resurrected into a body of light, but the incoming frequencies do not need to bombard our system in the ways we are accustomed to experiencing them if we open up to the opportunity to be supported.” (23)

As always, lightworkers have a special role to play in events around 11-11-11, as SaLuSa reminds us.

“Events are near to occurring that will immediately attract people’s attention away from the present conditions. They will inject great hope and anticipation of the better times that are soon to be brought about. Lightworkers are very important in this respect as they can help others to understand the goal that lies ahead, bringing answers to the problems that have overwhelmed them. It is therefore important that you spread your knowledge far and wide, as it will uplift those who hitherto had little or no knowledge about it. The feelings of hopelessness need to be replaced by those of hope and certainty in the future.” (24)

To summarize, then, on 11-11-11 we pass through a triple stargate and a great love wave that will be a cosmic moment of global awakening, upliftment, and unity. At that time, the ‘light codes’ or ‘cosmic codes’ of renewal are received into the crystalline grids of the Earth. We can expect to experience massive energies and important changes to our bodies, moods and capacities.

This robust new wave will awaken people, bring new directives to us, and draw us together in our efforts to push back the cabal, free the world, and restore peace.  These influxes of energy are designed to arrive in packages, allowing enough time for us to assimilate them. They may challenge some but help is available. Lightworkers will be expected to spread their knowledge far and wide among the ones in this massive influx of energy.


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Lauren Gorgo: 11-11-11: Source Code Activation – 27 October 2011

Lauren Gorgo: 11-11-11: Source Code Activation. by Wes Annac via http://www.aquariuschannelings.com

Wes Annac:  I haven’t read this latest message from Lauren and the Seven Sisters yet, but I am posting it anyway as her messages are always very Light-filled and packed with wonderful information. I look forward to reading this tommorow! Thanks Lauren, and thank you to the Seven Sisters of the Pleiades :)

11-11-11: Source Code Activation

Posted by  on Thursday, October 27, 2011


“We would open with this: Congratulations!  You are officially on the runway to new earth.” – The Pleiadian High Council Continue reading