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Air Force General Loses Job For Telling Airmen Lobbying To Keep A-10 ‘Is Committing Treason’ – 11 April 2015

RT logoA two-star general has been removed from his post and issued a letter of reprimand for warning airmen under his command not to lobby Congress against retiring the Air Force’s beloved A-10 “Warthog” attack jet.

At the Air Force’s annual Weapons and Tactics conference on January 10, Maj. Gen. James Post III, the vice commander of the branch’s Air Combat Command, told an audience of more than 300 airmen that speaking to lawmakers about plans to retire the popular Cold War-era plane amounted to treason. His comments were made in response to a question about the A-10, a close air support aircraft.

“If anyone accuses me of saying this, I will deny it,” Post said. “Anyone who is passing information to Congress about A-10 capabilities is committing treason.”

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ZeroHedge – Dollar Soars By Most In 43 Months; Stocks, Oil Surge In Week After Worst Payrolls Since 2013 – 11 April 2015

ZeroHedgeDismal jobs data – who cares… Worst earnings season in six years – who cares… continued missed expectations in macro data – who cares… GDP expectations at cycle lows – who cares… corporate leverage at record highs – who cares…

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Poisonous Gas Alert At Water Plant In Weslaco,TX, People Evacuated – 11 April 2015

RT logoFirefighters and hazmat crews are responding to a chemical leak of a poisonous gas at a water plant in Weslaco, Texas, local news reports. Buildings within 250 feet north and west of the facility are being evacuated.

The incidentat the Weslaco Water Treatment Plant began when one chemical was poured into a tank full of other chemicals, which created hydrogen chloride, Weslaco Emergency Management Coordinator George Garrett told KRGV.

A hose was hooked up to the wrong tank, causing the two chemicals to be mixed together at the wrong concentration, Weslaco Public Utilities Director David Salinas told KGBT.

There are no water quality issues at this time, he added.

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Russia And Greece To Ink Turkish Stream Gas Pipeline Deal Within Days – Greek Minister – 11 April 2015

RT logoRussia and Greece are to sign a memorandum of cooperation on the construction of a new pipeline in the Turkish Stream project which will deliver Russian gas to Europe via Greece, according to the Greek energy minister.

The memorandum is expected to be signed in the next few days, Greek Energy Minister Panagiotis Lafazanis said in an interview with the Sputnik news agency, adding that the pipeline would be not only a route between Greece and Russia but would as well be very important for Europe.

“The visit of the government delegation, the meeting of Tsipras and Putin open the way for the pipeline which will begin at the border with Turkey and end at the border with Macedonia in the direction of Central Europe. This pipeline is extremely important for energy security and cooperation in Europe,” Lafazanis said.

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Mish / Mike Shedlock – Incredible Tornado Footage From Illinois, Yesterday – 11 April 2015

MishMikeShedlockA tornado touched down yesterday in McHenry Illinois, less than 10 miles from where Liz and I live. Tornadoes hit multiple locations.

Here is some incredible footage of a tornado tipping a truck over and debris flying everywhere. This footage is near Rochelle, Illinois.

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‘TUSC Is 100% Anti-Austerity’: Socialists Launch Election Manifesto In Heart Of UK Capitalism – 11 April 2015

RT logoThe Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) launched its anti-austerity general election manifesto in the heart of London’s financial district on Friday.

Chaired by former Labour MP Dave Nellist, the electoral alliance claims to have enjoyed rapid growth in support of its policies.

TUSC’s manifesto features five key pledges, which include ending all cuts to government spending, an end to zero hour contracts, and renationalization of the railways.

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Zero Credibility’: UK Energy Minister Accepted £18K From Leading Climate Change Skeptic – 11 April 2015

RT logoTory energy and climate change minister Matthew Hancock accepted £18,000 from a key supporter of Britain’s most prolific climate skeptic lobby, it has emerged.

Hancock’s relationship with City financier Neil Record was uncovered by a Greenpeace investigation published Friday.According to official state records, Hancock accepted five separate donations over a period of several years from the wealthy backer.

Record is an unrepentant climate skeptic who is on the board of Britain’s most powerful climate skeptic lobby, the Global Warming Policy (GWF) Foundation. The currency manager and City financier also sits on the board of GWF’s campaigning division.

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John Ward – Does Miliband Have The Remotest Idea What Exploitation Really Is? – 11 April 2015

JohnWThe robotic way in which Ed Miliband refers to European migrants as “exploited” by their employers is, I’m afraid, one of many reasons why I really cannot take the bloke seriously.

We need to take a closer look at the full range of exploitation involved here.

Here in France, for example, we have seen a flood of Polish workers. They are mostly very reliable, meticulous craftsmen…all charging less than the French worker….but almost all working on hourly rate – with a majority “preferring” to be paid in cash. Continue reading

No Legal Mechanism To Exclude Greece From Euro – EC – 11 April 2015

RT logoThe European Commission (EC) isn’t considering the prospect of Greece leaving the eurozone, the EC has confirmed, commenting on the media reports that Athens could be excluded from the currency union.

“The legal mechanism that allows the exclusion of a country from the euro zone doesn’t exist. The European Commission relies upon the earlier agreements between Greece and international institutions reached on the basis of the new reform plan to extend the international financial aid to Athens,” the EC told TASS Friday.

Earlier media reported that eurozone countries were reading in “the atmosphere of secrecy the plan to exclude Greece from the eurozone” in case Athens are declared bankrupt in May. The plan was worked out by the Finance Ministry of Finland in cooperation with Germany, the report said.

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Trident Nukes Being Exploited For ‘Petty Electoral Politics’ – Military Chiefs – 11 April 2015

RT logoBritain’s nuclear arsenal should not be used as a political football in the run-up to the general election next month, according to senior armed forces figures.

Their comments come in the wake of a row in which Defense Secretary Michael Fallon attacked Labour Party leader Ed Miliband over his supposed lack of commitment to the Trident nuclear weapons system.

Fallon accused Miliband of stabbing the UK in the back at the expense of national security. He accused the Labour chief of offering to trade nuclear defense for Scottish National Party (SNP) backing in his quest for winning office.

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