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Jon Rappoport – You Will Be Artists – 11 January 2015

jon7The machine wants to take you to a room where everything you might believe or could believe is reduced to marshmallow fluff.

The machine wants to give you a smug face and a minor education in minor matters. It wants to make you feel satisfied and overfed.

The machine keeps telling you about salvation tomorrow or the destruction of the world tomorrow. Ultimate rescue, ultimate fate. The spiritual food of yokels.

The machine wants to watch you, because it has nothing better to do. It wants you to construct a profile of yourself that mirrors its profile of you. Continue reading


NaturalNews – Jonathan Benson – IRS Allows Vaccine Companies To Claim Revenue On Vaccines They Never Even Produce – 11 January 2015

NaturalNewss Logo-April-2014(NaturalNews) It is documented fact that the private vaccine industry receives large cash payments from the federal government to produce “life-saving” and “emergency” vaccines that the public is told are necessary to thwart certain disease crises. But did you know that many of these vaccines are never even manufactured, and not only are vaccine companies paid with your money (if you’re a taxpayer) regardless, but they are also awarded special accounting privileges that claim these payments as revenue?

During a recent segment on The Robert Scott Bell Show, certified public accountant (CPA) Ty Bollinger explains how many childhood vaccines, as well as the influenza vaccine, are basically exempted from normal revenue recognition rules. These special rules allow vaccine companies to immediately recognize revenue from vaccines for stock price and profit purposes, even if those vaccines are never manufactured or delivered. Continue reading

Mish/ Mike Shedlock – Huge Capital Raising Effort At Spanish Bank Passing Latest Stress Test; New Game In Town; Smell Test Failure – 11 January 2015

MishMikeShedlockSpanish bank Banco Santander was halted on Thursday, followed by an announcement it would raise capital. When the bank reopened its shares plummeted as much as 14%, with the Spanish stock market down about 4%.

Banco Santander passed the last “stress test” so allegedly it had no need to raise capital.

With that thought in mind, let’s recap the ECB’s love affair with stress tests that seldom find much need to raise capital. Continue reading

Arson At German Paper That Reprinted Charlie Hebdo Cartoons – 11 January 2015

RT logoA German newspaper, the Hamburger Morgenpost, that reprinted the Charlie Hebdo cartoons said it suffered an arson attack overnight.

The incident happened at about 2 am local time.Unidentified people threw stones and an incendiary devices into the building housing the “Hamburger Morgenpost” tabloid newspaper in Hamburg, Germany’s second largest city.

“Rocks and then a burning object were thrown through the window,” a police spokesman told AFP. “Two rooms on the lower floors were damaged but the fire was put out quickly.”

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#Lovestorm: 35,000 Protest Racism, Xenophobia In Germany’s Dresden – 11 January 2015

RT logoAround 35,000 attended a rally against racism and xenophobia in the German city of Dresden, joining hundreds of thousands, who took to the street in France in response to this week’s Charlie Hebdo attack and hostage crises caused by Islamic radicals.

“We won’t permit hate to divide us,” Helma Orosz, Dresden’s mayor, told the crowd as cited by Reuters.

The demonstrators carried banners, reading “We are Charlie,” “No to racism,” “We all laugh in the same language” and “Germany is for all.”

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ZeroHedge – The ‘Real’ Threat To Our Liberty Is The Repressive Machinery Of Empire – 11 January 2015

ZeroHedgeSubmitted by Bill Bonner via Acting Man blog,

Equal Opportunity Mocking

Practically every day in these Diary entries we mock investors, Democrats, Republicans, teetotalers, terrorists, anti-terrorists, economists… and almost everyone else. We are equal opportunity mockers – insensitive to race, color, creed or body-fat ratio.

The mocked have only menaced us twice. Once, a journalist went off his head and sent a letter threatening to murder one of our children. We knew the sender personally; we judged him incapable of the act and recommended medical treatment.

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10 Yo Suicide Bomber Blows Up At Crowded Market In Nigeria, Kills More Than 15 – 11 January 2015

RT logoA suicide bomber as young as 10 years old blew herself up at a market in Nigeria, killing between 16 and 20 people, according to different estimates. More than 20 people sustained wounds in the attack, which no group has claimed responsibility for so far.

Reports vary on how many people died in the attack. According to Reuters, at least 16 have been killed and 27 injured. At the same time, AFP has cited Borno State police spokesman Gideon Jubrin, who said there were 20 deaths, including the suicide bomber, and another 18 wounded.

According to a Red Cross official, who spoke to the news agency on condition of anonymity, “many people sustained life-threatening injuries.”

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US To Boost European Contingent With 3,000 Troops, 150 Tanks In 2015 – Report – 11 January 2015

RT logoThe US plans to send 3,000 more troops and over 150 tanks to Europe by the end of ear to bolster its presence on the region, a top commander announced.

The US, which already has around 67,000 troops in Europe, expects over 3,000 soldiers to arrive on the continent between March and the fall, Lt. Gen Frederick Ben Hodges, Commander of US Army Europe, told The Hill.

“I anticipate that almost the entire 1st Brigade of 3rd Division will come over in March, so you’re looking at probably over 3,000 soldiers that would be part of a brigade combat team like that,” Hodges said.

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ActivistPost – The Republic Is No More. We Now Live In A Police State – 11 January 2015

Logo_activistpost-comBy Ron Paul

If Americans were honest with themselves they would acknowledge that the Republic is no more. We now live in a police state. If we do not recognize and resist this development, freedom and prosperity for all Americans will continue to deteriorate. All liberties in America today are under siege.

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‘EU Authorities Can’t Control All Radical Groups’ – 11 January 2015

RT logoBorder control is not going to solve the problem of terrorist attacks because it’s impossible for military services to control all radicals including those who are EU citizens, Peter Kirkham, former chief of Metropolitan police, told RT.

RT:As a former chief of the Met Police, how would you asses the law enforcement response to the violence in France?

Peter Kirkham: I should point out that the Former chief inspector is a fairly lowly rank. I wasn’t a chief of police so I will be speaking from that perspective. In terms of what has happened over the last few days, I think, probably the outcome was good as it could be bearing in minds the nature of the atrocity that started at Charlie Hebdo the other morning. These things, first of all, need very urgent action to establish who the people are and then to establish where they are. That seems to have been done with remarkable speed maybe because they were known to some extent already, that there was already some intelligence in the system that helped them to move that arm.

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