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‘No To TAFTA’: France Celebs Campaign Against EU-US Trade Deal, Sign Petition – 11 July 2014

“Everyone against TAFTA” petition logo (image from https://www.collectifstoptafta.org)

“Everyone against TAFTA” petition logo (image from https://www.collectifstoptafta.org)

One hundred French celebrities have launched a campaign against the upcoming TAFTA deal between the US and Europe. The protesters say the new treaty will lower economic standards and bring a large influx of GMO products from the US.

The petition dubbed: “Everyone against TAFTA” started on June 10 and has gathered over 5,500 signatures so far. Launched by well-known performers, writers and political leaders in France, the petitionsays that “the citizens of Europe are against the transatlantic treaty.”

A Transatlantic Free Trade Area (TAFTA), also known as the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), is a proposed free trade agreement between the European Union and the United States.

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SustainablePulse – New Séralini Study Shows Roundup Damages Sperm – 11 July 2014


Sustainable PulseA new study in rats found that Roundup altered testicular function after only 8 days of exposure at a concentration of only 0.5%, similar to levels found in water after agricultural spraying, writes Claire Robinson, Managing Editor of GMO Seralini.

www.gmoseralini.org/ link to original article

The Hyper Report – 140711 – Bubbles Everywhere – 11 July 2014

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James Corbett – The Corbett Report – Interview 913 – New World Next Week With James Evan Pilato – 11 July 2014

Welcome to http://NewWorldNextWeek.com — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Laura Bruno – Earth Consciousness…A Portal To The Divine – 11 July 2014


A most magical post by Colette. Can you see the faeries peeking out of the Faery Dell? So many! So much laughter, mixed with quiet wisdom. I think this might be my favorite post ever on Bealtaine Cottage, and Colette joins the ranks of recent people who’ve had passed loved ones appear to them in dreams. This is becoming much more common as the veils continue to thin. Blessed Be!

Originally posted on Bealtaine Cottage:

10 July 2014 001

Harvesting is under way.

This year more than ever sees an immense increase in the offerings from Mother Earth.

10 July 2014 005Blackcurrants are taking up much of my time over recent weeks.

Bag after bag is sealed and placed in the freezer to await further instructions! 

Several hundred pounds of Blackcurrants from two original bushes…easy to grow and multiply from cuttings stuck straight into the earth!

10 July 2014 010Trees have put out a huge amount of wood which will be coppiced later in the year.

This beautiful, forgiving form of energy that aids the environment as it grows ready for use! 

Masses of flowers with the resulting seed-heads…growing abundance that is now unstoppable.

10 July 2014 053Seeds that wing their way all over the planet to spread abundance in places I shall probably never gaze upon…the magic of life is impenetrable!

10 July 2014 012And through all this ceaseless activity, Sammy-Bear sunbathes and yawns the day away…

10 July 2014 021And deep within the Fairy…

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ZeroHedge Frontrunning – 11 July 2014

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TheGuardian – Seumas Milne – The Tide Is Turning Against The Scam That Is Privatisation – 11 July 2014

The Guardian

The international revival of public ownership is anathema to our City-led elite. But it’s vital to genuine economic recovery

By Seumas Milne

Quote: Privatisation isn’t working. We were promised a shareholding democracy, competition, falling costs and better services. A generation on, most people’s experience has been the opposite. From energy to water, rail to public services, the reality has been private monopolies, perverse subsidies, exorbitant prices, woeful under-investment, profiteering and corporate capture.

www.theguardian.com / link to original article

Mish/ Mike Shedlock – BIS Slams The Fed; Ridiculous Question Of The Day: “Is The Fed Going To Attempt A Controlled Collapse?” – 11 July 2014

MishMikeShedlockEarlier today, reader Charles asked me what I thought about an article on ZeroHedge entitled “Is The Fed Going To Attempt A Controlled Collapse?

The question stems from lengthy (256 page PDF) from the BIS Annual Report (Bank for International Settlements) that stated among other things “The only source of lasting prosperity is a stronger supply side. It is essential to move away from debt as the main engine of growth.

The BIS slammed the Fed in numerous places and in numerous ways, especially regarding the Fed’s reliance on QE.

The BIS slam, coupled with a recent stock market selloff, brought up debate on a “controlled collapse“. Continue reading

John Ward – Clubmed Bank Failures: More On The Ways, & We’re Going To Pay – 11 July 2014

JohnWThe growing reality of banking collapse and bailin strategiesFollowing the difficulties of Banco Espiritu Santos in Portugal yesterday, it was notable that in Spain, the Spanish government issued a retroactive tax on bank deposits there “as an aid to stimulating economic growth”. Taking away aka stealing the spending power of consumers is not, I would contend, the method of choice for kick-starting a dead economy (which was anyway supposed to be doing so well)…..but I wonder if the Government in Madrid gave much thought to the illegality under the Lisbon Treaty of retroactive legislation? Continue reading

Wes Annac – Oversoul Teachings: Keep The Strength – Part 1 And 2 – 11 July 2014

wes-annac-300x229Channeled through Wes Annac, Oversoul Teachings, The Culture of Awareness

Allow yourselves to connect with other realms; other dimensions of consciousness, the inhabitants of which excitedly await the contact you can make with us.

Let yourselves believe you’re capable of perceiving and connecting with the higher realms, for in doing so, you’ll strengthen your higher-dimensional links and start bringing through the energies and impressions of your guides in much clearer ways than most of you are presently able to. Continue reading