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‘East Asia Shifts Its Focus From US To China’ – 11 November 2014

RT logoChina has replaced the US as the largest trading partner and largest market for East Asian countries, while it is also the most important investor in the region, Martin Jacques, Author of When China Rules the World, told RT.

RT: China has been highly active recently – the latest major deals are the one with Moscow and Malaysia. Do you think is Beijing’s ambition region-wise?

Martin Jacques: China regards itself to be the most influential power in the region – depends on how you define the region – but certainly in terms of East Asia which obviously embraces North-East Asia, Japan, Taiwan, Korea and also South-East Asia, the ASEAN countries. In a sense it sees itself as returning in some way to its former role.

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Russia To Carry On Defense Import Replacement Even If Sanctions Are Lifted – Rogozin – 11 November 2014

RT logoThe Deputy PM in charge of the defense industry says that regardless of any developments the country will continue the plan to become independent from foreign arms producers.

Regardless of the possible easing or even lifting of the Western sanctions against Russia there will be no changes made to the plan of import replacement in the defense industry,” Dmitry Rogozin wrote in his twitter on Tuesday.

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Fukushima Radiation Detected 100 Miles Off California Coast – 11 November 2014

RT logoScientists have found traces of leaked radiation from Japan’s 2011 Fukushima nuclear accident off the coast of California. Radiation experts, though, say the levels are harmless.

Trace amounts of isotopes linked to Fukushima radiation were detected about 100 miles (160km) west of Eureka, a city in northern California, the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI), a Massachusetts-based research organization, announced Monday in a press release.

Volunteers collected samples found to contain trace amounts of the short-lived isotope cesium-134, considered the ‘fingerprint’ of Fukushima, during a research expedition from Alaska to California. Though cesium-134 is specific to the Fukushima disaster, another form of the isotope, cesium-137, had already been introduced to our oceans during weapons testing in the 1950s and ’60s.

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Lucas – A System Crumbles – A Call For Change – 11 November 2014


Picture by John Allan Crumbling Road Bridge. A bridge on a now bypassed section of the Dunvegan-Sligachan road in a bad way. The road is still open to traffic. (23 February 2006)

Our illicit brother and sisters that seem to keep wanting power over all have been losing in faction wars against the ones that see the ending of the FED fiat  banking system and the dollar as the world swap ending. Those others have been building a similar system to keep power as the FED is factually now in Chinese hands. The more countries shift to the other system (which is by the way just the same with an other name)  the more the printing worthless money is going on. The other system will last as long as power and greed will not make it a similar 2nd FED alike failure. The signs are clear: countries do business directly and more in other currencies than the dollar without any value. Commodities, and real estate, infrastructure is bought up in bulk by those now having the financial power or cashing in on the falling apart of the FED dollar system. Continue reading

Duma Seeks Ban On Scary US Toys To Protect Children’s Psyche – 11 November 2014

RT logoA Russian nationalist party lawmaker has asked the government to ban “all foreign produced toys that could affect the mental health of children,” and specifically targeted the Monster High dolls by US maker Mattel.

Konstantin Subbotin (LDPR) who sits in the Lower House Committee for Women, Family and Children told Izvestia daily he had received numerous complaints from parents about Monster High dolls. The main worry was that the dolls were causing “suicidal moods” among the children. Kids buy them, or receive them as presents from other children or swap the toys – all without parents’ consent, he said.

I think we need an official expertise from competent bodies, explain the situation and issue a warning that would save our children from such toys,” the politician told the newspaper.

He also added that horror-themed toys like the Monster High dolls could be used by those who want to raise the children’s interest in the supernatural.

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G20 Countries Allocate $88Bn Annually For Fossil Fuel Exploration – 11 November 2014

RT logoThe world’s leading economies spend about $88 billion each year supporting companies exploring oil, gas, and coal, which is twice the amount energy companies invest themselves, according to a new report.

The spending is despite evidence that two thirds of existing reserves cannot be exploited “if the world is to avoid dangerous climate change,” says the report by the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) and Washington-based analysts Oil Change International.

Britain, Australia, Russia and the US have some of the highest national subsidies, says the report, pointing particularly to last year when Washington provided $5.1 billion for fossil fuel exploration, which is almost twice as much as in 2009.

“Levels of support range from $2 billion to $5 billion in Russia, Mexico and India, to $9 billion in China, $11 billion in Brazil, and $17 billion in Saudi Arabia,” the report said.

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Google Leases NASA’s Airfield For $1 Bn To Develop Space Exploration – 11 November 2014

RT logoGoogle is taking over an historic Navy air base, NASA’s Moffett Field Naval Air Station on the San Francisco Peninsula. It will pay $1.16 billion in rent over 60 years for the 1,000-acre property, which also boasts a working airfield and golf course.

The former US Navy air base is currently home to NASA’s Ames Research Center and is within walking distance of Google’s main campus in Mountain View. NASA estimates the lease will save the agency approximately $6.3 million annually in maintenance and operation costs.

READ MORE: Google data collection worries Americans more than NSA

“As NASA expands its presence in space, we are making strides to reduce our footprint here on Earth,” NASA Administrator Charles Bolden said in a statement.

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InquiringMinds – Systemic Breakdown & Economic Collapse Guaranteed – Jim Willie (Part 1) – 11 November 2014

Inquiring Minds


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Valerie Donner – A Message From Mira From The Pleiadian High Council – 11 November 2014

valerieDonnerGreetings, I am Mira. I come from the Pleiadian High Council but for the past three years I have focused solely on the earth’s ascension progress.

I greet you today with high regard and respect. We know what you are going through as your planet’s chaos accelerates. We are doing everything that we can to stabilize the earth and to hold things in as much balance as possible. You are dearly loved.

Arrangements are being made to take some of the toxic load from the earth. This includes negative forces that no longer belong on the planet. Some of this has been ongoing but it will accelerate as necessary. The Clean-Up Committee is working overtime. Continue reading

Valerie Donner – The Groundcrew – 11 November 2014

valerieDonnerDear Ground Crew,

This past week words can hardly explain how the recent full moon, eclipses, solar flares, time change and earth’s chaotic nodes (Tom Kenyon and the Hathors write about the chaotic nodes. www.tomkenyon.com) have impacted us. Some of us have had trouble sleeping, depression, crying sprees, feeling craziness, and fatigue, have had headaches and can’t think, and have felt out of sorts. We have been in the chaos while everyone else is trying to maneuver through the energies. Continue reading