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Laura Bruno – The Quest To “Be Of Service” Can Become A Disruption To Your Life – 11 November 2014


I just now got off the phone from a session with someone in which I shared that I was so pleased she “got it” that her soul doesn’t care whether she earns her living doing her soul’s passion. Her soul could care less about the financial system! Her soul cares that she’s living her passion and embracing the fullness of her being. If she does that as a hobby, as a career, or just as a surprising faery godmother to unexpected people who run into her in “ordinary” life, she is being it! This topic comes up so often during Intuitive Life Path Assessments and other readings in which people overlay so many societal judgments on themselves. Thank you, Tania, for articulating much of this dynamic in today’s article. I love the message about the older man on the cliff, too! Much love, Laura Continue reading

Steve Lendman – Sabotaging P5+1 Talks – 11 November 2014

StevelendmanThey’ve been ongoing interminably. Reaching a November 2013 interim agreement. Longstanding US/Israeli hardline policy remains unchanged.

Sanctions Iran wants removed remain in place. New ones were irresponsibly imposed.
By Washington earlier. Unilaterally. By executive order. Circumventing Congress. Violating Geneva’s letter and sprit.
EU countries just adding their own. Against Iranian companies and individuals. Showing no interest in resolving things responsibly.

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Mind Of Plants : Documentary On The Intelligence Of Plants – 11 November 2014

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ZeroHedge – Bread, Circuses, & Bombs – Decline Of The American Empire, Part 2 – 11 November 2014

ZeroHedgeSubmitted by Jim Quinn Via The Burning Platform blog,

In Part One of this article I discussed the similarities between the Roman Empire and the American Empire at a high level. In this article I’ll delve into some specific similarities and rhymes between the fall of the Roman Empire and our modern day empire of debt, decay and decline. I’ll address our expansive level of bread and circuses and how defects in our human nature lead to people willingly sacrificing their liberty for promises of safety and security. All empires decline due to the same human failings and ours is no exception. If anything, ours will be far more spectacular and rapid due to our extreme level of hubris, arrogance, willful ignorance and warlike preference for dealing with foreign powers.

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Max Igan – Max Igan On Eengaging In Non Compliance And How The System Uses Television To Control Us – 11 November 2014

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Méline Portia Lafont – Human Perception And Another 11:11 Portal Activation – 11 November 2014

MélineHuman perception and another 11:11 Portal activation by Méline Lafont

“1” aka One is what stands for you as A Human Being, A soul, An energy and A consciousness. It represents the soul of you in this lifetime with which you come to work as a human experience. Understand that you are all entitled and allowed to redeem that what is of you, but that it can only be redeemed BY you and through you. So all consciousness that is representing as you in this lifetime is something you have entirely into your own hands for it is you on itself. Continue reading

InquiringMinds – Declare Your Online Independence Today – 11 November 2014

mozillaFirefox Declare your independenceTen years ago, a handful of passionate people gave the world something different — Firefox. Today, we stand proud as the only independent browser choice. We believe in an Internet where the power is in your hands. Where you are in control of your online life.We believe in your online independence. Do you? Watch the Video >>Declare your online independence todayJoin us in making sure the passion for a free and open Internet burns forever bright.

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Algae Virus Infects Humans, Makes ‘More Stupid’ – Study – 11 November 2014

RT logoA virus, previously thought to live only in algae in rivers and lakes, has been found in the throats of healthy people. The infected showed specific brain activities to be slower than of those without the virus.

The study outlining the discovery was carried out by Scientists at the Johns Hopkins Medical School and the University of Nebraska (UNL) and published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) journal in October.

The scientists were busy with another study, when they found the DNA of the chlorovirus Acanthocystis turfacea chlorella virus 1 (ATCV-1) in the throats of humans. According to the study, such chloroviruses as ATCV-1 have not been previously shown to infect humans or to be part of the human virome.

Following a series of tests, scientists found that out of the 92 healthy people 40 infected with the virus. Moreover, those infected performed 10 percent worse in tests requiring visual processing.

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Mexican Meth Replacing American Supplies As US Labs Disappear – 11 November 2014

RT logoLab busts of domestic methamphetamine manufacturing have dropped by 40 percent, but use remains high – and Narcotics experts say that is because users are increasingly relying on cheaper, meth from Mexico.

Domestic manufacturing of methamphetamine peaked 2004, when 24,000 labs were seized by the Drug Enforcement Administration. In 2011, the seizures were just under half of that at 11,573. Through stricter laws and enforcements, less meth is being made in America.

However, usage remains high, and it is because meth is increasingly being made in Mexico where it is cheaper and purer.

The great news is that meth from Mexico doesn’t explode, doesn’t burn down your house and your neighbor’s home, doesn’t contaminate your property, doesn’t kill your children the way meth labs have done here in the US for decades,” Joseph Grellner, chief narcotics officer in Franklin County, Missouri told The Associated Press.

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ZeroHedge – Petrodollar Panic? China Signs Currency Swap Deal With Qatar & Canada – 11 November 2014

ZeroHedgeThe march of global de-dollarization continues. In the last few days, China has signed direct currency agreements with Canada becoming North America’s first offshore RMB hub, which CBC reports analysts suggest “could double maybe even triple the level of Canadian trade between Canada and China,” impacting the need for Dollars.But that is not the week’s biggest Petrodollar precariousness news, as The Examiner reports, a new chink in the petrodollar system was forged as China signed an agreement with Qatar to begin direct currency swaps between the two nations using the Yuan, and establishing the foundation for new direct trade with the OPEC nation in the very heart of the petrodollar system. As Simon Black warns, “It’s happening… with increasing speed and frequency.”
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