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Laura Bruno – 11/11 And Full Moon Energies – 12 November 2014

laura-of-the-rocksJust a quick note to confirm that if you’re finding late yesterday and today extremely intense, synchronous and clarifying, welcome to the club.

Last night, I received messages from three different people within the span of about 10 minutes — each indicating that they had either broken up with a significant other with an incompatible worldview and spiritual path, or that they had realized in no uncertain terms they would need to make massive shifts in the relationship, as the split between old and new is becoming too strong to ignore or resist. I heard similar stories from people last week, but the synchronicity of three such messages all at once really underscored these energies of shining light on the murky places and needing to act on the information gleaned.  Today I’ve continued holding space for and solidarity with someone standing up to abusive legal actions following an abusive marriage. There’s a definite “Enough is enough” vibe today — coming from a deep, holy place of reclamation.

The planet herself seems to have received and passed along an infusion of strength, clarity and courage. We need these energies now, because we have much to shift, levy and reclaim. I continue to send love and compassion to all of you. Thank you for being here now. Thank you for allowing yourself to receive the beauty, freedom and grace available for you. Change, like so many other things, is an inside job. Let’s reclaim our power to influence in which direction that change moves. Much love, Laura

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