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Judith Dagley – The Celestial Team – 12.13.12 New Moon, New Way Of Being – Discombobulation And The Human Bridge – 14 December 2012

celestialteam judith dagleyHello, Re-Ascending Masters (or “Beloveds,” as the celestial team refers to us!),

This is Judith, and I may not be quite as fizzy as my celestial counterparts are, but I’m still feeling pretty bubbly with excitement, nontheless. Here’s why: Today we have a new moon, which always gifts us with fertile energy in which to seed our intentions. This particular new moon is in Sagittarius, “the archer.” It is an energy of momentum, optimism, confidence, and freedom. The archer can aim the arrow of his/her intention at possibilities that would seem too “far away” without it, and reach them in a seeming instant. Continue reading