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Meredith Murphy – Letting Life Flow Through Me – 12 January 2012

Star-light_17718I AM a star.  As such I generate light through my focus.  As I AM the eyes of God, of Source, of All-That-Is, my appreciation flows endless amplitudes of light.  As I move into greater transparency with this vastness of my own being, I experience a foreigner’s sense of living an Earth-life and it is as if I came here recently, new to this place and am freshly choosing how and what I wish to experience.

I do not understand many things anymore.  Things I used to understand.  I do not feel negative feelings about them, no–it is that really I just don’t understand.  Or perhaps it is more accurate to say I do not resonate with things so I have no idea how to relate.  This is fine.  I simply turn my attention to that which I do resonate with and allow it to shape my life. Continue reading

Lucas – Another Milestone 100.000 For My Blog, Thanks All – 12 January 2012

Thanks readers, the blog is growing fast and now after about 6 Months the total of visitors was 100.000 just a couple of minutes ago in my Dutch Time, 14.30. I am glad to get the message across. It is for me the message that is important not me.  This blog is non-profit and without advertisement.

My assignment is to bring the news of mankind awakening and entering the Golden Age and their ascension. I am glad you all will make it. And everybody can make it. Just see and follow your own inner light that has extinguished. Let that light shining from you heart be your guide.

Love and Light,