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‘Grueling & Hazardous’: HRW Exposes Palestinian Child Abuse In Israeli Settler Farms – 13 April 2015

RT logoHuman Rights Watch has heavily criticized the abuse of Palestinian children working on Israeli settlements in the West Bank, saying that children are working in hazardous conditions and in violation of Israeli and international law.

The report, called “Ripe for Abuse,” said that children as young as 10 are working on the settlement farms in the Jordan Valley, sometimes in conditions that are harmful to their health.

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Dozens Of Arrests As Anti-Nuclear Protesters Demand End To UK’s Trident Sub Program – 13 April 2015

RT logoSome 34 anti-nuclear activists have been arrested at Faslane naval base in Scotland, according to organizers, as hundreds of protesters blockaded the home of Britain’s nuclear weapons system.

Workers at the naval facility were sent home after failing to gain access to the site due to the blockade, according to The Common Space journalist Liam O’Hare.

Scrap Trident, a coalition of organizations including the Scottish Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (SCND) and Trident Ploughshares, have been demonstrating outside the facility since 7 a.m.

Protesters are demanding an end to the UK’s intercontinental ballistic missile program, which is up for renewal by the Westminster parliament in 2016.

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James Corbett – The Corbett Report – Interview 1026 – Chris Emery On The Real Timothy McVeigh – 13 April 2015

Chris Emery is the producer of “A Noble Lie,” the award-winning documentary exposing the lies and telling the truth about the Oklahoma City Bombing. As the 20th anniversary of that false flag event approaches, Chris joins us to set the record straight on Timothy McVeigh, from his CIA drug smuggling to his FBI handler to the very real possibility that he is still alive.

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Human Satnav To Guide People By Zapping Electrodes In Their Leg Muscles – 13 April 2015

RT logoA human Satnav, using electrodes to send people in the right direction, has been developed by German scientists. It works by sending a signal from a mobile phone, which stimulates a muscle in the leg, showing them the direction they need to go in.

Max Pfeiffer, from the University of Hannover, was the brains behind the operation. He tested it on a group of students in a local park who had no idea where they were going.

Their movements were directed by a mobile phone, which sent a bluetooth electric pulse-like signal, stimulating the sartorius muscle, which runs all the way from the inside of the knee, through to the outer thigh.

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‘Spanish Gag LAw Will Make Things Dangerous For People, But Won’t Stop Rallies’ – 13 April 2015

RT logoA new Spanish “gag law” will make things more dangerous for people and easier for the government to impose more austerity measures, says Clara Valverde, writer and anti-austerity activist. But people will still take to streets, she adds.

The Spanish government passed the Citizen Safety Law that limits the rights of the public to demonstrate. The controversial ‘gagging’ law should come into force on July 1. Last weekend activists from the “Hologramas para la Libertad” movementstaged a protest against the law. The entire rally was virtual – with holograms of protesters projected outside the Parliament building in Madrid.

RT: What’s your take on this new gagging law? Does it serve to bring more safety to the country?

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Jon Rappoport – Monsanto Is The Dept. Of Homeland Security For food – 13 April 2015

jon7“Whenever people encounter a crazy idea, a high-flying absurd notion, they reject it out of hand. That’s the first impulse. ‘No, no one would believe that. It’s ridiculous.’ But as time passes, and this crazy idea is repeated over and over again, people make adjustments to their own minds. ‘Well, maybe it’s true, a lot of important authorities accept it, so maybe I should accept it. I guess it does make sense.’ This is the process of buying a cover story, buying an egregious lie meant to obscure a hidden truth.” (The Underground, Jon Rappoport) Continue reading

Putin Lifts Ban On Delivery Of S-300 Missile Systems To Iran – 13 April 2015

RT logoThe Russian president has repealed the ban prohibiting the delivery of S-300 missile air defense systems to Iran, according to the Kremlin’s press service. The ban was introduced by former President Dmitry Medvedev in 2010.

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Greece To Be Effective Partner With Russia’s Gazprom – Forbes – 13 April 2015

RT logoThe Turkish Stream gas pipeline project makes Greece an important and useful partner for Russia’s Gazprom, despite the country‘s financial problems, Forbes magazine has said.

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and Energy Minister Panagiotis Lafazanis have signed a memorandum of cooperation with Russia’s Gazprom and the Russian government as part of the new Turkish Stream pipeline to diversify natural gas shipments to Europe away from Ukraine, according to the magazine, thus making Greece a transit hub for European gas.

“This is more of a real estate and political deal than an investment, as Greece is hardly a capital player in today’s market,” Kenneth Rapoza, a Forbes contributor said in the article published Sunday.

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Only One-Quarter Of Gaza $3.5Bn Reconstruction Aid Delivered – Report – 13 April 2015

RT logoLess than 27 percent of the $3.5 billion aid pledged by international donors to help rebuild Gaza in the wake of unprecedented destruction caused by last summer’s Israeli Operation Protective Edge has been disbursed, a new report says.

The Association of International Development Agencies stated in its report, “Charting a New Course: Overcoming the stalemate in Gaza,” that while comprehensive data on individual pledges and disbursement has not yet been made publicly available, the World Bank found that only 26.8 percent ($945m) of the funding earmarked for Gaza had been disbursed so far.

“The promising speeches at the donor conference have turned into empty words,” Oxfam executive director Winnie Byanyima said. “There has been little rebuilding, no permanent ceasefire agreement and no plan to end the blockade. The international community is walking with eyes wide open into the next avoidable conflict, by upholding the status quo they themselves said must change.”

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Lisa Gawlas – Honor Thy Body And Mind As Much As You Honor Spirit… Or Else lol!!! – 13 April 2015

lisagawlas2Boy oh boy did my body school me this weekend.  Obviously everything about the field, about us, the Light that exists around and thru us, changed with the culmination of the eclipse on the 4th.  Every single reading I feel like I am climbing further and further up a mountain and moving out of my own atmosphere of comfort.  Unlike before where a full day of new images and information was exhausting to my mind, now, it’s a whole body event, energy being pulled from every cell from toe to mind, even tho I just sit on my butt to do what I do.

I am a light-a-holic.  I work 7 days a week, even tho my schedule allows for 2 days off a week (work 3, off 1) I don’t use them for that, I use them for rescheduling days.  This Friday, I could literally feel my entire body shutting down as I rounded the corner to my last weekend.  In theory, Saturday was supposed to be a scheduled day off, but instead, I booked an ET session and a massage reading session on this day, since the time was available!! Continue reading