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Rioters Clash With Police In Downtown Zurich, Rampage Through City Center – 13 December 2014

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Massive scenes of violence were reported in Zurich, one of the world’s most quiet and prosperous cities. Some 200 masked left-wing radicals clashed with police and set streets in the city center ablaze. Seven policemen were injured in the incident.

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Skin Deep Tech: Cicret Bracelet Aims To Turn Your Arm Into ‘New Tablet’ – 13 December 2014

Still from youtube video (Cicret App & Bracelet)
Still from youtube video (Cicret App & Bracelet)

Reading emails on your skin may sound wacky, but not for the French designers working on a bracelet that projects your smartphone content onto your arm. To turn the surreal Cicret device into reality, the designers are seeking funding.

A video explaining how the device works has gone viral, racking up 4,222,427 views on YouTube at the time of this article’s publication. The Cicret website says the designers are still working on the prototype of the waterproof bracelet that promises to “make your skin your new tablet.”

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InquiringMinds – ‘A System Of Secret Governance That’s Intolerable’ – Duncan Campbell Reveals The Surveillance State – 13 December 2014

Published on Dec 10, 2014

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Cryptoy: UK Intelligence App Or Teens Teaching Tool Or PR Spin? – 13 December 2014

RT logoBritish intelligence agency GCHQ has launched an application for teenagers to clue them in on encryption techniques and message security to ensure protection from surveillance.

The application is called Cryptoy, and is aimed at getting teens more involved in science. It teaches four encryption codes: shift, substitution, Vigenère and Enigma.

Cryptoy was created by students on placement at the intelligence agency. The app was showcased at a number of events and was so popular that GCHQ decided to launch it publically.

Apart from encoding techniques, the app shows “how fun it can be to try to break the cryptographic design that someone else thought was secure,” GCHQ said.

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Project Goliath: Sony Leaks Reveal Alleged MPAA Plot Against Google – 13 December 2014

RT logoEmails found by the Verge in Sony’s hacked data show that the company and other Hollywood execs were planning to attack Google, gathering a $500,000 fund for legal action against the corporation.

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A series of emails by one of the MPAA’s (the Motion Picture Association of America) top lawyers, Steven Fabrizio, and six major Hollywood studios – Universal, Sony, Fox, Paramount, Warner Bros., and Disney – indicate they have teamed up against “Goliath”, their adversary in the online piracy battle.

The plan, started in January, involved major studios donating money to a special $500,000 annual legal support fund. The executives debated legal and technically advanced tools to block pirated content.

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ZeroHedge – And The Winner In The “Worst Idea At The Wrong Time” Category Is…- 13 December 2014

ZeroHedgeThe undisputed winner in this year’s “Worst Idea At The Wrong Time” category is the poor suburb of Ferguson, Missouri, a town which was looted, burned and generally eviscerated on several occasions in the past few months as a result of public anger first at the murder of Mike Brown and subsequently, the acquital of the police officer who shot him.

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Evacuations As Storm Strikes Southern California, Mudslides Bury Homes – 13 December 2014

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Authorities are still on the lookout for mudslides after a major storm hit draught-suffering Southern California on Friday, causing floods and burying homes. Tens of thousands were left without power and dozens of evacuations were ordered.

The storm moved in from Northern California with five inches of rain falling down, causing random landslides and debris. At least 10 homes were completely wrecked, according to AP.

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Baltimore Cops Taser Woman Who Filmed Them Beating Man In Custody – 13 December 2014

RT logoStopping to film Baltimore police officers kicking a handcuffed man, a local woman says she found herself being tasered and arrested while police hurled expletives. She is now suing the department.

Kianga Mwamba, 36, claims she was tasered and arrested by Baltimore Police Department officers in March while filming the arrest of another man on her mobile phone. After she was released, she noticed someone had tampered with her mobile phone – erasing the arrest video. Charges against her were eventually dropped in September, but Mwamba recently served the police department with a lawsuit seeking $7 million.

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I’m in shock for real, like are they really doing this to me,” Mwamba, the daughter of a veteran of the Maryland Capitol Police, said as she recalled the arrest in an interview this fall with the Baltimore Sun.

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UK Column News – 12th December – 13 December 2014

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Google ‘Halted Anti-Piracy Co-Op’ After MPAA Snarked At Its Anti-Torrent Crusade – 13 December 2014

RT logoMPAA’s “snarky” press release about Google’s cooperation with the group’s anti-piracy campaign enraged the tech giant and put the whole process on hold, according to leaked emails.

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Google worked with the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) by removing copyright infringing site links from its search results. Reportedly, it has been doing so quicker than most other search engines.

“We’ve now refined the signal in ways we expect to visibly affect the rankings of some of the most notorious sites,” Torrent Freak quoted Google’s Copyright Policy Counsel Katherine Oyama as saying.

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