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Publish ‘Iraq War’ Report Before Election, MPs Demand – 13 January 2015

RT logoA cross-party group of MPs are pushing for the long-awaited inquiry into the Iraq war to be published before May’s UK general election.

The MPs, including former Attorney General Dominic Grieve, former Conservative frontbencher David Davis, Lib Dem former Home Office Minister Norman Baker and Scottish and Welsh nationalists, said they were concerned the report would not be published before the election.

Some claim that the publication is being withheld on purpose to delay it until after the election, fearing its revelations may influence the result.

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X22 Report – Governments Are Now Removing The People’s Rights With Terror – Episode 564 – 13 January 2015

Uploaded on 12 January 2015 by X22Report
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James Corbett – The Corbett Report – Interview 989 – Pearse Redmond Peels The TOR Onion – 13 January 2015

The TOR Project promises its users a modicum of privacy protection from would-be information gatherers, both smalltime crooks and nation-state cybersecurity agencies. But do these promises hold up to scrutiny? And who is behind the TOR Project itself? And why did a TOR developer recently doxx a critic on Twitter? Joining us today to dissect this onion stew is Pearse Redmond of Porkins Policy Review. Continue reading

US Judge Declares Mistrial In White Police Chief’s Shooting Of Unarmed Black Man – 13 January 2015

RT logoA South Carolina judge has declared a mistrial in a case of a former small town police chief charged with the murder of an unarmed black man outside a police station in 2011.

Circuit Judge Edgar Dickson dismissed the jury after they remained deadlocked for nearly 12 hours on Tuesday in the trial of Richard Combs, who was accused of shooting Bernard Bailey three times in May 2011, AP reported.

READ MORE: New Mexico police officers face murder charges in shooting death of homeless man

The jury had three options: convict Combs of murder, convict on a lesser charge of voluntary manslaughter, or acquit him.

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Communists Push For Coalition Govt With Cabinet Posts Shared – 13 January 2015

RT logoA senior Communist Party MP has revealed plans to propose a bill that would radically change the way Russia’s government forms its Cabinet and give the parliamentary opposition a way to share power.

The bill has been already verified by legal experts and sent to other State Duma factions, deputy chairman of the Communist Party’s Central Committee, Valery Rashkin, told the Tass news agency. He noted that the intention of the move was to attract more sponsors to the motion. “We want the draft law to be submitted not only from the Communist Party caucus,” Rashkin said adding that he expected the bill to be submitted to the Lower House as early as January.

The draft suggests changing how governments are formed in Russia to make it obligatory that all parliamentary parties can nominate their candidates for the ministers’ posts, proportionally to their representation in the Lower House, the State Duma. The parliamentary majority party would get only one guaranteed post, that of prime minister. The candidates for government posts can be MPs or from outside parliament.

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John Ward – RBS, COUTTS, & A Bad Case Of Interest-Conflict On The Subject Of EUROZONE QE – 13 January 2015

JohnWWhatever neoliberal bankers recommend, their survival will always come before anything else.

There’s an interesting piece from AEP at the Telegraph site this morning which – while he has a vastly different take on its significance to mine – highlights a point I used to bang on about a lot here…until I realised nobody was reading it, and got fed up.
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3-Alarm Blaze At NYC’s Penn Station Causes Train Delays, Cripples Rush-Hour Traffic – 13 January 2015

RT logoIt took 100 firefighters to bring a fire at New York’s Penn Station under control. Trains had to be delayed because of the incident, which luckily resulted in no injuries.

It was a 3-alarm blaze, the NYC Fire Department (NYFD) reported on Twitter. Three hours passed in between its first posting on the incident and the tweet reading the fire was “under control.”

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