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Laura Bruno – Poetic Justice – 13 January 2015

laura-of-the-rocksIn this time of great revelations on both the personal level and the collective level, I hear from many shocked people demanding justice. I understand that call, but focusing on such demands can pull us into a downward spiral of negativity, hatred, violence, judgment and aching fear of what might happen if justice never comes. In a world of corrupt court systems, bought politicians and brainwashed populace, looking to traditional means for meting out justice seems unlikely at best. I’m not suggesting we don’t try, only that we might find more success and maintain a higher vibration if we shift perspective. Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – The Accelerations, The Magnetics And OMG The ET’s!! – 13 January 2015

lisagawlas2I have said this on my facebook yesterday and I am going to say it again here, I am going to dub 2015 the year of our personal ET contact!  Now we had an insurgence of their foot into your readings back in March and April this past year, but now feels even different from then, more intense and if not more important that you start your connections (if you have any.)   However, with it all, comes the repetitive information that we really have a very limited understanding of the space we occupy called the earth realm.  Now however, it seems important for us to rediscover and use to its fullest, this realm called earth, to put aside what we think we know and allow even more usable information to become available to us.  It’s making my head spin!!!  I have decided I am going to dust off a blog site I started last year, when the ET connections started coming in droves:  InterGalactic Connections <– clickable link, and share the vast ET information there after today, just to keep everything organized.  There is so much happening and unfolding in the readings and energy field itself as we continue to “unpack” that I don’t want to get everything jumbled up. Continue reading

Mish/ Mike Shedlock – Biggest Bubble: Central Bank Credibility; Cautionary Tale Of Global Gloom From Down Under – 13 January 2015

MishMikeShedlockAustralian newspaper “The Age” has an interesting interview with Gerard Minack, former Morgan Stanley strategist.

Minack is now out on his own, publisher of “Downunder Daily“. Minack says “I deliberately decided when I left to keep it balanced, not to start writing like Zero Hedge.”

Nonetheless, Minack is a bear who thinks Australia is in for some tough times, the price of iron ore still has plenty of room to fall, and the most important monetary policy act of the last four years was European Central Bank president Mario Draghi’s “whatever it takes” speech, but the eurozone will break up anyway.

Finally Minack calls “central bank credibility” the biggest bubble. Let’s take a look. Continue reading

Scientists Join Elon Musk & Stephen Hawking, Warn Of Dangerous AI – 13 January 2015

RT logoHundreds of leading scientists and technologists have joined Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk in warning of the potential dangers of sophisticated artificial intelligence, signing an open letter calling for research on how to avoid harming humanity.

The open letter, drafted by the Future of Life Institute and signed by hundreds of academics and technologists, calls on the artificial intelligence science community to not only invest in research into making good decisions and plans for the future, but to also thoroughly check how those advances might affect society.

The letter’s authors recognize the remarkable successes in “speech recognition, image classification, autonomous vehicles, machine translation, legged location and question-answering systems,” and argue that it is not unfathomable that the research may lead to the eradication of disease and poverty. But they insisted that “our AI systems must do what we want them to do” and laid out research objectives that will “help maximize the societal benefit of AI.

Read the full story at: www.rt.com / link to original article

Tesla Rival, 3D-Printed Car Make Waves At Detroit Auto Show – 13 January 2015

RT logoWith the 2015 North American International Auto Show well underway in Detroit, automakers are revving engines by taking the all-electric line-up of Tesla head-on and showcasing the very first 3D-printed vehicle.

All eyes were on General Motors, as the company revealed a new concept car that is scheduled to become reality by 2017: the Chevrolet Bolt. Not to be confused with the Volt – a gas/electric hybrid that first made its debut in 2010 – the Bolt is an all-electric vehicle that will reportedly be capable of traveling more than 200 miles on a single charge.

Just as important as its range, though, is the price point, and in that category Bolt also promises to be competitive, if not cheaper, than the products of other manufacturers – namely Tesla. According to GM, the car will sell for about $30,000. Continue reading

Hyper Report – 150111 – 28 Pages – 13 January 2015

Continue reading

CPB Agents Trained Not To Arrest Illegal Immigrants ‒ Report – 13 January 2015

RT logoAs congressional Republicans try to undo executive actions regarding immigration this week, a new report shows that US Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) agents are quietly being trained not to arrest undocumented immigrants.

Leaked internal training documents show that CBP agents “are now receiving guidelines instructing them that the vast majority of illegal immigrants in the U.S. are off limits to federal agents and are substantially immune to detention and deportation,” Breitbart reported, citing an anonymous “trusted federal agent in the CBP.”

The documents sort illegal immigrants into three priority groups. The first, priority one, includes undocumented aliens who “pose a threat to national security, border security, or public safety.” Priority two includes those who are “misdemeanants and new immigration violators,” while priority three includes all other illegal aliens and describes them as “other immigration violators.”

Read the full story at: www.rt.com / link to original article

NYPD Chokehold Review Finds Weak Punishment For Offending Officers – 13 January 2015

RT logoIn a new review, the New York City police inspector general found that officers were quick to use banned chokeholds and were rarely punished in accordance with suggestions offered by the Civilian Complaint Review Board, a police watchdog agency.

The new NYPD inspector general reviewed 10 cases from 2009 to 2014 in which officers used a chokehold – a banned tactic. In six of those cases in which the Civilian Complaint Review Board (CCRB) recommended a substantive penalty – such as suspension or termination – then-Commissioner Ray Kelly balked, opting for the officers to simply review the rules.

“We really don’t know why the police commissioner came out with a different result, a lesser result than the CCRB recommended,” NYPD Inspector General Philip Eure told WNYC. “That sort of thing undermines confidence.”

Read the full story at: www.rt.com / link to original article

Steve Lendman – Paris Killings Aftermath: War On Civil Liberties – 13 January 2015

StevelendmanCivil liberties in America, Britain, France, and other Western societies are gravely threatened. Already seriously eroded.

Expect more assaults on fundamental freedoms ahead. Based on the usual canards.

Protecting national security. Defending free society rights. How by enacting police state laws against them?

According to a July 2010 ACLU report titled “Establishing a New Normal,” Obama administration officials waged unprecedented war on civil liberties.

Continuing the worst Bush era practices. Adding more extreme ones. The ACLU discussed the following top 10 post-9/11 abuses of power: Continue reading

DOJ Calls For Dismissal Of Twitter Transparency Lawsuit Over Gov’t Records Requests – 13 January 2015

RT logoThe US Department of Justice has called for the dismissal of a lawsuit filed by Twitter, in which the social network alleges its First Amendment rights are violated when the government forbids it to reveal national security requests for user data.

Twitter’s lawsuit concerns the publishing of transparency reports that detail government requests for customer information. A deal struck in January 2014 between the Department of Justice (DOJ) and five technology companies relaxed restrictions on disclosure, but Twitter has argued that the deal did not go far enough in allowing the companies to reveal exactly how many orders it gets from the government and “what types of legal process have not been received.”

In a court filing last week, the DOJ said its nondisclosure policies do not violate the First Amendment, given that national security matters deserve special treatment.

“The additional material that Twitter seeks to publish is information that the Government has judged is properly protected classified national security information, the disclosure of which would risk serious harm to national security,” the DOJ wrote in a motion filed Friday in the US District Court for the Northern District of California.

Read the full story at: www.rt.com / link to original article