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CommonDreams – Chile Scraps Dam Project In ‘Greatest Triumph Of The Nation’s Environmental Movement’ – 13 June 2014

common-dreamsChile Scraps Dam Project in ‘Greatest Triumph of the Nation’s Environmental Movement’

Scrapping of controversial HidroAysén project cheered as grassroots victory by campaigners
Andrea Germanos, staff writer

In a decision hailed as “the greatest triumph of the environmental movement” in the country, Chile on Tuesday rejected a controversial dam project. Continue reading

NewYorkPost – Great-Grandson Of John D. Rockefeller Dies In NY Plane Crash – 13 June 2014

New York Post

The doctor great grandson of oil baron John D. Rockefeller died on Friday when he crashed a single engine plane on a horse ranch near SUNY Purchase during a foggy morning — narrowly missing a home, authorities said.

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Blossom Goodchild – 13 June 2014

bloss arizona biggerMy friends, at last I am home and able to once again link up with you. What a tremendous journey my soul has been on over the last three months. Are you home?

We, dearest one, are always home. For we live within our Peace … and this therefore, would be what we know as home. For many, they FEEL that they are walking the path homewards and yet … we would say one is already home. It is a question of sitting by the hearth and gazing through the flames of Love … in order to KNOW where one is. Continue reading

UK Column News – 13 June 2014

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The Hyper Report – 140613 – Oklahoma And Gold – 13 June 2014

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TheAustralian – Welfare Reform To Target Carers – 13 june 2014

CARERS would be required to prepare for a future return to work under the landmark McClure review of the welfare system.

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DealBook – 2 Private Equity Settlements Followed Failure Of Broader Talks On Collusion Lawsuit – 13 June 2014



For six years, the biggest private equity firms fought a lawsuit that accused them of illegal collusion during the buyout boom. Their strategy, through rounds of difficult settlement talks, was to stick together.

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