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Jon Rappoport – Presidential Doubles – 13 May 2014

jon7In a small room with a one-way window into the Oval Office, Barack Obama, the newly inaugurated President, and George W Bush, Bill Clinton, and Pappy Bush watched a meeting:

Obama, Bush 1 and 2, and Bill Clinton, were chatting in the Oval Office.

“The resemblance is astonishing,” Obama said.

“Yes,” Pappy said. “The surgeons do good work. And the actors are fully briefed. They do it better than we would. No question about it.” Continue reading

It Takes Trey Gowdy Just Three Minutes To Silence The Media – 13 May 2014

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Pesticides Blamed For Spike Of Illnesses In Washington State – 13 May 2014

RT logoWashington state health officials are pointing the finger at pesticides as they try to explain the recent surge in illnesses in the central part of the state.

According to Reuters, approximately 60 people have been struck with some kind of pesticide-related illness since March – ranging from breathing difficulties and skin rashes to nausea. With health officials looking into 15 separate cases of pesticide exposure, the speculation is that the two situations are connected.

So far, the Washington State Department of Health has stated that at least eight people have had to seek emergency medical treatment due to nausea, vomiting, and headaches. Cases have been reported in Adams, Benton, Chelan, Douglas, Franklin, Grant, and Yakima counties.

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Laura Bruno – Feeling Through The Limits Of Fear, Frustration And Resistance – Approaching The Scorpio Full Moon – 13 May 2014


I was just mentioning to two friends how insanely intense the energies feel right now. Clients have been going through major drama, and I kept thinking I myself was largely immune, until I realized that I’ve been experiencing these same things — with our yard! When Laura Bruno starts fantasizing about things like RoundUp, rodent poison and bug spray, you know something’s up. Apparently, it’s the Scorpio Full Moon that’s up. “Overwhelm, pressure, frustration, stagnation and exhaustion.” Yep. That sums up my weeding, squirrel chasing and mosquito swatting adventures the past few days. By contrast, sessions flow so easily, for which I remain grateful. If it stops storming, I’ll plant some holly today, and then … a few days of well earned vacation to visit family. Cheers and smiles amidst the intensity. I always find it much easier to shake things off or move through them when I realize, “Hey, it’s not ALL me. We are stardust, and the stars, planets and other gravitational bodies do indeed have influence. Roll with it.”

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scorpio full moon

Scorpio Full Moon, collage by Emily

Holy crap I’ve had to work through some serious resistance to get this post done. I’m guessing I’m not entirely alone in feelings of overwhelm, pressure, frustration, stagnation and exhaustion… all of which seem right in line with the energies building toward Wednesday’s Full Moon (12:16 pm PDT).

The Taurus Solar Eclipse on April 28 planted a seed for a potent new beginning, and now the Scorpio Full Moon lights up the basement of the subconscious, revealing inner blocks to creativity and growth. Where have you lost your power, passion and vitality?  Where are you playing it safe and not playing your edge? What do you need to let go of so you can create what you really want?

Taurus-Scorpio themes amplified at this Full Moon include power, money and resources, intimacy and sexuality (just a few light areas…). Amping up the pressure…

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Laura Bruno – Heads’ Up! Department: Rosa Koire’s Orwellian vision Of Agenda 21 – 13 May 2014


I love Ann’s excellent introduction to this video interview of Rosa Koire. I was actually the person who sent Ann her copy of Behind the Green Mask, and I lived in the same Northern CA town (Santa Rosa) where Rosa experienced first hand the Orwellian underbelly of the innocuous sounding “Sustainable Development.” I appreciate Ann seeking the balance between the polarized extremes Rosa notes. May we continue to find truly local, truly natural and truly sustainable solutions. The video covers the Bundy Ranch situation and details the implementation of mega-states and mega-cities to replace local, state and national sovereignty. Very eye-opening for those not aware of the complexities involved in sustainable development and the mega-corporations funding the NGO’s taking over policy and regulations.

Originally posted on Exopermaculture:

Rosa Koire’s work both stimulates and troubles me. I have a hard time looking at what appear to be her polarized options: either “individual liberty” or a global “turnkey tyranny.” At least that’s how it appears on the surface. That word “liberty,” frankly, makes me want to vomit, since it’s constantly used to justify self-serving attitudes of one kind or another. I do think she’s correct, however, that Agenda 21 can be used as a poison pill, hiding corporatist intent to lock in the worst kind of technological total control of everything and everyone behind the phrase “sustainable development.” In other words, once again, it’s how we use language that counts; and it’s up to us to be sensitive to the usually unconscious associations that various words in common use magnetize to themselves. For, once again, just like “liberty,” the phrase “sustainable development” can morph into a jingoistic rant, meant to automatically trigger lock-step obedience…

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TheIndependent – ICC Will Investigate ‘Abuse’ By UK Troops In Iraq – 13 May 2014

The Independent

By Jonathan Owen

Some of Britain’s most senior military and political figures came a step closer to facing a war crimes inquiry today, as the International Criminal Court (ICC) announced it would make a “preliminary examination” into claims of “systemic” abuse by British forces in Iraq.

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James Corbett – The Corbett Report – China’s “War On Terror” – 13 May 2-01

by James Corbett

May 8, 2014

On October 28, 2013, an SUV carrying three passengers crashed into a crowd of people waiting outside the gate of the forbidden city across from the infamous Tiananmen Square in the heart of Beijing. All three inside the car were killed in the subsequent fire, along with two bystanders in the crowd. Thirty-eight others were injured. Although not the most spectacular terror attack in the world in recent years, the scene of flames and carnage under the watchful gaze of Chairman Mao in the shadow of the heavily-guarded Tiananmen Square was as unmistakable to the Chinese population as the smoking ruins of the Pentagon was to the American population. This was, or was intended to be taken as, an attack on the Chinese “homeland.” Continue reading