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InquiringMinds – No Time For War In Just A Few Months, The World Has Literally Changed. It Is Impossible To Stress This Enough. It Is Now Divided In Three – 13 November 2014

Inquiring Minds

No Time For War
In just a few months, the world has literally changed. It is impossible to stress this enough. It is now divided in three: those who have nothing, those who are about to have nothing, and those who are building a future for themselves.We live in the second of those categories. We are “about to have nothing” because what we have is founded on thin air. We have two possible futures if government policy is permitted to continue as it is: either we will lose everything as the result of the final collapse of a bankrupt financial system, or we will lose everything having been taken into an insane war with Russia and China.

There is a “third way”, if you’ll permit me to use the term in exactly the opposite sense to that used by Tony Blair.


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Cop Town: Why Would A Town Of 300 Hire 100 Police? – 13 November 2014

RT logoA tiny Michigan town with less than 300 residents is finding itself in the national spotlight thanks to recent reports concerning a controversial ad hoc police force in which upwards of 100 people paid money to be a part of.

The years-long saga surrounding the Oakley, MI, Police Department has taken twists and turns as of late, and has been legally abolished twice in recent months, first by the town’s Board of Trustees, then by the Saginaw County Circuit Court.

But while insurance issues were to blame for at least one of those shut-downs — the Board of Trustees said in September that officials would need to purchase a policy to operate as a police force — the heart of the drama surrounding the Oakley PD lately involves a long-standing program in which volunteers have been able to join the force by attending a weeks’ worth of training and writing a check for barely a grand.

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Plan To Stop 4.5Mn Deportations Leaked, White House Denies Accuracy – 13 November 2014

RT logoA copy of President Barack Obama’s 10-point immigration executive action plan has reportedly been leaked to the press, and an announcement to halt the deportations for more than four million people could come as soon as next Friday.

Obtained by Fox News, the plan for overhauling immigration would also allow the parents of children born in the United States to stay in the country, while simultaneously boosting border control. The details allegedly come from a draft proposal by an unspecified US government agency.

The Obama administration had already called on the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Justice to make recommendations for the immigration reform plan, and Buzzfeed previously reported those were being drafted.

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NaturalNews – The Gruberization Of Government: Obamacare Elitists Openly Admit Voters Were Too Stupid To Realize They Were Being Lied To – 13 November 2014

NaturalNewss Logo-April-2014(NaturalNews) A key architect of the Obamacare mandate named Jonathan Gruber has just made himself an instant celebrity of sorts. In a video which has now circulated everywhere across the ‘net, Gruber, an MIT economist, is seen explaining just how they managed to get Obamacare passed:

“This bill was written in a tortured way to make sure CBO did not score the mandate as taxes… Lack of transparency is a huge political advantage. And basically, call it the ‘stupidity of the American voter’ or whatever, but basically that was really, really critical to getting the thing to pass.” This is all documented in a Washington Post story [1] and hundreds of other stories across the media.
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Mexico Protesters Torch State Congress Over Kidnapped Students – 13 November 2014

RT logoA crowd of about 500 protesters set ablaze the state congress building in the southern Mexican state of Guerrero in a violent rally over the alleged massacre of 43 college students.

Students and teachers stormed the Guerrero state legislature in the city of Chilpancingo on Wednesday and set fire to the library and chamber. Both areas were empty during the break-in.

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Lame Duck? Senate To Vote On Keystone Pipeline, NSA Reform – 13 November 2014

RT logoRepublicans are set to take over the Senate next year, but the chamber is gearing up to make the lame duck session eventful: lawmakers will vote on the controversial Keystone XL Pipeline bill next week, as well as another to curb domestic surveillance.

The XL pipeline will transport oil from the tar sands of Canada to the Gulf of Mexico, and has been hailed as a job creator by supporters. However, critics claim the project would at most yield 2,000 jobs over a two-year period, destroy farms in America’s heartland, and risk contaminating groundwater aquifers.

READ MORE: #NoKXL: Thousands march in D.C. against Keystone pipeline

The project is backed by the oil industry, which is a major player in Louisiana’s economy and politics, and popular with the state’s residents. That combination also helps explain why the Senate is taking the issue up for a vote in its lame duck session.

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Israel Refuses Cooperation With UN Gaza War Probe, Calls It ‘One-Sided’ – 13 November 2014

RT logoIsrael has officially declined to cooperate with the UN Human Rights Council committee’s investigation into the country’s 50-day ‘Operation Protective Edge’ over possible war crimes committed, saying it is obvious the probe will find it guilty.

The Israeli government refused entry to the investigation team on Wednesday, which arrived in Jordan’s capital of Amman with plans to travel through Israel and into the Gaza Strip.

The decision not to cooperate was due to the team’s “one-sided” view of the events, Haaretz reported, citing Foreign Ministry spokesman Emmanuel Nachshon.

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Laura Bruno – Bumped Up Comments RE: Ascension, BRICS And The Awakening – 13 November 2014

laura-of-the-rocksWe’re up to 26 comments so far on Ken’s post, “The Rockefeller Plan for the BRICS New World Order, in their own words.” Definitely worth a read if you haven’t yet. The following comment stream gets a bump up, though, because that post seems to have rocked some black-or-white, lightworkers-vs-evil, worlds. Comments below:

Posted by Jane on November 12, 2014 at 8:54 pm

So if Brics is not from lightworkers, but is still the cabal. this then means there is no ascension, no freedom coming for humanity, and its all been in vain?

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KKK Tebrand: Blacks, Hispanics, Gays & Jews Now Welcomed By Ku Klux Klan – 13 November 2014

RT logoA new branch of the group, traditionally known for its extreme-right views, will now be offering a wider membership, recruiting followers without discriminating against their religion, race or sexual orientation.

Founded by a KKK leader from Montana, the off-shoot is called the Rocky Mountain Knights. Encouraging its members’ diversity, the white-hooded man behind the branch says his Klan is “new,” as opposed to the “white supremacy” of the “old.”

The KKK is for a strong America,” John Abarr of the Rocky Mountain Knights told The Great Falls Tribune newspaper. “White supremacy is the old Klan. This is the new Klan.”

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Police Blunder: Terror Suspect On Bail Flees To Syria With Family – 13 November 2014

RT logoA British citizen arrested on suspicion of encouraging terrorism skipped bail and fled to Syria amid a string of police blunders. The whereabouts of Siddhartha Dhar, a close associate of radical Islamist Anjem Choudary, is currently unknown.

Dhar vanished within 24 hours of being released on bail by Scotland Yard detectives, who had been assigned to investigate Choudary’s close contacts.

Following his detention and questioning by police, Dhar was ordered to hand over his passport to authorities under strict bail conditions designed to stop him from promoting al-Muhajiroun – an outlawed extremist group founded by Choudary.

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