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Spy Agencies Require More Stringent UK Oversight – Former Home Sec – 14 October 2014

RT logoBritain’s former home secretary David Blunkett has called for more stringent oversight of UK spy agencies. He says claims to secrecy as a prerequisite for national security are undermining public confidence in UK intelligence services.

The Labour MP says Britain’s legislative framework relating to mass surveillance must be regularly updated, and cautions the state’s judicial oversight of the sector requires strengthening and a greater degree of transparency.

Blunkett’s criticism surfaced during the Intelligence and Security Committee’s public evidence session on Tuesday – the second ever held. Earlier this year, the intelligence and security committee heard evidence from UK intelligence chiefs.

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Revealed: Condoleezza Rice Prevented NY Times From Publishing CIA Scoop – 14 October 2014

RT logoWhile serving as secretary of state under President George W. Bush, Condoleezza Rice called upon the New York Times and asked the paper to not report on a story, a former editor now says.

Jill Abramson, who served as executive editor of the Times from 2011 through earlier this year, told CBS News’ 60 Minutes television program that she was summoned to an undisclosed location by Rice during the Bush administration and asked to stop Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist James Risen from finishing an article concerning a CIA effort to disrupt Iran’s nuclear capabilities.

According to the interview with 60 Minutes, Abramson said Rice “barely looked up” during the meeting and instead “read in a very stern manner” from a legal pad that was described by the editor as containing “just point after point about why this story would be damaging to the national security.”

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ZeroHedge – On The Precipice Of A Breakdown In Confidence – 14 October 2014

ZeroHedgeSubmitted by Ben Hunt via Salient Partners’ Epsilon Theory blog,

People think it must be fun to be a super genius, but they don’t realize how hard it is to put up with all the idiots in the world.

? Bill Watterson, “Calvin And Hobbes”

Here is the most fundamental idea behind game theory, the one concept you MUST understand to be an effective game player. Ready?

North California Must Brace For Major Earthquake In Near Future – US Geological Survey – 14 October 2014

RT logoFour segments of the San Andreas fault system in Northern California are due for an earthquake of magnitude 6.8 or greater, including a section that runs near infrastructure crucial to water supply in much of the state, according to a geological study.

The Green Valley fault northeast of San Francisco between the cities of Napa and Fairfield is poised for a magnitude-7.1 earthquake or stronger, said researchers from the US Geological Survey and San Francisco State University responsible for the report.

The fault is located near dams and aqueducts that supply water from the Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers to the San Francisco Bay area, Southern California, and the farm-heavy Central Valley. The Green Valley fault’s last quake happened “sometime in the 1600s,” AP reported.

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Fracking Companies Could Bury ‘Any Substance’ Under Homes – 14 October 2014

RT logoA proposed UK amendment to existing European shale gas regulation would allow fracking firms to put “any substance” under people’s properties and leave it there, prompting anger among environmental groups.

The proposed changes to remove the ability of landowners to block fracking will be debated by the House of Lords on Tuesday as part of the Infrastructure Bill, The Guardian reports.

The government said the changes were “vital to kick starting” shale gas exploration.

A spokeswoman for the Department of Energy and Climate Change told the Guardian: “Shale and geothermal have the potential to bolster our energy security, create jobs and growth and provide a bridge to a greener future. These changes are vital to kick starting shale and make sure it’s not delayed by one single landowner.”

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ActivistPost – Melissa Melton – Another Foreign News Outlet Links U.S. Bio-Warfare Labs To Ebola Outbreak – 14 October 2014

Logo_activistpost-comMelissa Melton
Activist PostRussian news outlet Ria Novosti recently featured an interview with Professor Francis Boyle, University of Illinois College of Law, implicating the United States military-industrial complex in the current Ebola outbreak which the World Health Organization claims has now taken over 4,000 lives in West Africa.

Undercover Policing Culture Denounced By UK watchdog – 14 October 2014

RT logoHer Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) warns stringent reform is required in the UK’s undercover policing. Citing senior officers’ lack of expertise as unacceptable, the watchdog’s report calls for a radical overhaul of the sector.

The HMIC’s review, which evaluated the control of Britain’s undercover police officials, was sanctioned by Home Secretary Theresa May.

May commissioned the probe following revelations that undercover police officers had spied on the family of Stephen Lawrence, a teenager who was murdered in a racially motivated attacked in 1993.

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FBI Informant Accused Of Organizing Attack On Murdoch’s British Newspaper – 14 October 2014

RT logoThe FBI is in hot water once against upon release of a new report that raises questions about how federal authorities handled an investigation into the hacktivist group Anonymous.

According to the report published by Motherboard on Tuesday, the FBI watched idly as a hacker-turned-informant plotted within Anonymous to target the media empire of publisher Rupert Murdoch in 2011. The group succeeded in defacing the website of one of the papers owned by Murdoch’s News Corp., and the government’s cooperating witness then rallied other hackers to further go after members of the media by spreading false information on the web.

As RT reported previously, an ongoing investigation has revealed that the informant, Hector “Sabu” Monsegur, was instrumental in a number of operations undertaken by Anonymous and participated either directly or in-directly in campaigns that targeted American-owned corporations and foreign government servers alike.

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Jon Rappoport – The Incredible Liars Who Lie About Psychiatry – 14 October 2014

RT logo“The Reality Manufacturing Company not only turns out the past, present, and future for mass consumption. It explains why things are the way they are. It appoints itself the master of attributing causes, the king of cause and effect.” (The Magician Awakes, Jon Rappoport)

I’m posting this piece to derail the notion that “the authorities” know what causes things.

In the Ebola hysteria, millions of people blithely accept the notion that the “cases and the deaths” are caused by the Ebola virus. Continue reading

UK Column News – 14 October 2014

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