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Wall Of Fire: Massive Blaze Swallows 120 Hectares, Encroaches On Perth – 15 December 2014

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Towering flames near Perth, Western Australia (population 1.5 million) prompted the evacuation of homes on Sunday. Water-bombing helicopters and several fire crews battled the fire through the day, which has yet to be contained.

The fire started in Whitman Park at 1.11pm local time on Sunday threatening homes and lives, according to the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES). Fire officials added the cause of the blaze is unknown.

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Hackers Threaten ‘Christmas Gift’ For Sony, Release More Data – 15 December 2014

RT logoHackers have released the seventh part of stolen images from Sony Pictures’ archives. They relate to the corporation’s streaming site, Crackle. The group says worse is to come and will make for a most unhappy Christmas for the company.

“We are preparing for you a Christmas gift,” the hacker group calling themselves Guardians of Peace wrote in a message posted to the file-sharing site, Pastebin. “The gift will be larger quantities of data. And it will be more interesting. The gift will surely give you much more pleasure, and put Sony Pictures into the worst state,” the hackers promised.

The latest leak consists of documents on the Grouper video site, acquired by Sony in 2006 and renamed Crackle.

Sony Pictures suffered the crippling hack on November 24.

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John Ward – Slog Exclusive : Cameron Grants Us A Full And Frank Interview – 15 December 2014

camfuckThere now follows an exclusive interview with the Prime Minister Mr David Cameron. Viewers should be aware that some flash behaviour takes place during the course of this exchange.

The Slog: Prime Minister, you promised did you not that no British ground troops would be sent to Syria?

The Prime Minister: Yes, that is correct. I did. It was a regrettable compromise forced upon me by the incompetence of my Whips, but there you are. That’s politics.

TS: Quite. So can you explain for the viewers at home please why Sky News alleges you have approved the despatch of 200 ground troops to Syria this week? Continue reading

British Soldiers Now Barred From Shouting At Terrorist Suspects – 15 December 2014

RT logoNew interrogation techniques being forced on the British Army by “ambulance-chasing lawyers” and “play-it-safe judges” are hampering the business of getting vital intelligence out of terrorist suspects, army chiefs warn.

The astonishing new rules – outlined in court papers obtained by the Telegraph – prevent military intelligence officers from shouting at a terrorist suspect for more than a few seconds, banging their fists on tables or walls and using insulting words, and that “there must be no intimidation of any kind.”

The previous ‘harsh’ policy gave soldiers the right to “shout as loud as possible [with] uncontrolled fury,” as well as aim personal abuse, taunt and goad a captive, and if necessary resort to “psychotic tendencies.”

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Haiti PM Steps Down Amid Anti-Govt Protests – 15 December 2014

RT logoHaitian Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe has announced his resignation following an eruption of long-brewing political discontent, and a commission’s recommendation that he step down.

In a televised address early on Sunday morning, Lamothe said he was leaving his post “with a sense of accomplishment.”

“This country has undergone a deep and dynamic transformation and a real change in benefit of its people,” he told the beleaguered nation.

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Romania Agreed To Host CIA ‘Black Sites’ To Be Accepted Into NATO – Ex Spy Chief – 15 December 2014

RT logoRomania allowed the CIA to use a number of sites on its territory, a former head of the country’s intelligence confessed. He added that Bucharest’s bid to join NATO at the time prevented it from asking the US about the purposes of the sites.

READ MORE: CIA torture far exceeded waterboarding, brought suspects ‘to point of death’

The sites in question were called “transit centers” and Romania was unaware of whether they were used for detention, Ioan Talpes, who headed Romania’s Foreign Intelligence Service from 2000 to 2004, told the daily Adevarul in a video interview posted online on Saturday.

The Romanian side was not interested in what the Americans were doing, purposely to show them that they could trust us,” said Talpes.

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ActivistPost – A Century Ago: Rockefellers Funded Eugenics Initiative To Sterilize 15 Million Americans – 15 December 2014

Logo_activistpost-comAaron Dykes and Melissa Melton
Activist Post

Some people are still under the impression that the Rockefeller Foundation is all about philanthropy: helping people and saving lives.

In reality, the Rockefellers have been one of the largest financial backers and drivers of the eugenics and the depopulation agenda for over a century now.

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Head Of UK Torture Probe Requests CIA Data On British Role In Rendition – 15 December 2014

RT logoSir Malcolm Rifkind has requested data from the US to learn the extent of British intelligence’s involvement in the CIA’s torture program. The UK government’s contradictory statements on the issue have only fanned the flames of suspicion.

The head of the Intelligence and Security Committee of the House of Commons is requesting classified information allegedly inked out of the 480-page summary of the US Senate report on torture interrogation techniques.

Sir Malcolm is chairing an inquiry into the involvement of British intelligence agencies in the CIA’s post-9/11 program of detaining and interrogating Al-Qaeda suspects. The MP believes it is possible to persuade Washington to release the classified information, though it is going to be a tough task.

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#ICantBreathe: Thousands March Against Police Brutality Across US – 15 December 2014

RT logoTens of thousands of Americans across the country joined in a massive march against the killing of unarmed black men by police. Protesters staged rallies and ‘die-ins’ under the banners ‘Black Lives Matter’ and ‘Justice for All.’

RT’s LIVE UPDATES on protests against police brutality

Major cities where the rallies took place included New York, Washington, Boston, Chicago, Oakland, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

The demonstrators came together on Saturday to march and speak out against grand juries’ decisions not to indict the white officers responsible for the deaths of two unarmed black men, Michael Brown and Eric Garner. They are demanding police accountability.

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AdaptingToGrace – Eileen Meyer – Here-IN Lies The Golden Key To FREE – 15 December 2014

Journal Snapshot 12/11/95I have been inspired to share and demonstrate my own awakening and direct application of frequency wisdom. I am not one to offer more data and information-food for the mind to consume, so that it may continue in its addiction to distraction. Distraction from what? The truth that we are still attempting to live life within a very small context that we have long outgrown. I translate and share frequency to reach and excite the heart of others in this Many-to-Oneness experiment. Personally, I do not need these audio translations. I experience this wisdom as direct knowing. I don’t require “channeling” for myself. It is about re-identifying with the frequency of “I” – the I AM that lives in the core of every human being on Earth. And it’s about stopping long enough to feel-hear-know IT. The translation mechanism kicks in without thought. I record and share it for anyone who may find it helpful. Continue reading