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Aisha North – The manuscript Of Survival – Part 433 – 15 January 2015

AishaNorthLet us begin this missive by saying that up until now, the fluctuations caused by these new frequencies may seem to have left nothing more than traces of physiologic unrest in some of you, while for others, it will seem as if they have been bypassed altogether by these insistent emissaries from the higher spheres, but that is not so. Indeed, you have all been deeply affected by these callers, whether you have noticed their appearance within your energetic sphere or not, and the impression they have made on you all, is a lasting one. For what they have done, is to enable some of the deepest recesses within your framework of high resonance channels to open, the ones that allows the form of multi-level communication we have talked about earlier. In other words, even if all you have noticed over the last few days can be classified as more or less annoying – or in some cases even debilitating – symptoms, what you have achieved, is a full and comprehensive download of energetic instructions, instructions that will serve you in ways that will enhance not just your innate abilities to reconnect and retune yourself fully to the inner sanctum of Creation, but that will also serve to inoculate you against further interference. Continue reading


Blossom Goodchild – 15 January 2015

bloss arizona biggerHello my friends. Straight to it, if I may? A video has been put out, of a Lightship and 5 orbs descending from it. First of all, are you there?

Welcome in Loving arms to you and your dilemma.

Indeed, it is a dilemma … for as you know, secondly I am going to ask … is this for real or is this a hoax?

We would say to you in all OUR TRUTH that this Light show is not one from which we would take our name upon.

In other words it is a hoax?

A very clever one at that … is it not? Continue reading

Shanta Gabriel – The Gabriel Messages – Creating Your New Life In 2015 With Light – Now Is The Time – 15 January 2015

shanta-gabriel-teacher-guideDear Ones,

Over the centuries in every generation there were only a few souls who could embody their Divinity. In the new year of 2015, the number of people who awaken to their true divine nature will be unprecedented. The level of creation that is possible will seem almost magical, yet it simply represents alignment with your most Divine, Eternal and Illuminated self.

In this year, you are able to create a new reality from fields of empowered Light weaving forms made up of qualities of higher consciousness. As you awaken into the Light of Divine Presence, you find freedom to soar above the mundane and yet create in clear practical ways. Working within these multidimensional levels allows you to bring Heaven to Earth. From this place you can receive the impulses of your soul’s gifts to activate in this lifetime. Continue reading

Wes Annac – Spiritual Evolution Isn’t Always Easy – 15 January 2015

wesannac2Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

I don’t think spiritual evolution’s meant to be easy or flow freely all the time. Instead, I think its purpose is to challenge us and encourage us to challenge ourselves. It leads us to try new things; to step outside of our comfort zone and take on challenges we might fear, and when we grasp the idea that we’re infinite, we feel inspired to test our infinity.

We feel inspired to see what we can really do, and this leads us to challenges that not only test our abilities, but our patience. The hardest part of spiritual evolution is facing challenges that seem unwinnable, and frustration can arise when we struggle with something that we just don’t think we can complete. Continue reading

Patricia Cota-Robles – Mother Mary’s Rosary – 15 January 2015

Uploaded 14 January 2015 by PatriciaCotaRobles

WakingTimes – Small Portable Water Filter Makes A Big Difference In Kenya – 15 January 2015

waking_times_logo_6-5-12_1Waking Times

Video – Designed to remove 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria, here’s a slender portable water filter called the LifeStraw that features no moving parts, requires no power supply, and never needs maintenance.

Each LifeStraw Personal Water Filter can purify up to 264 gallons of water and stows easily in a pocket, glove compartment, or backpack. Vestergaard, the company that manufactures LifeStraw®, claims that if you purchase a LifeStraw, it ensures that a child in a developing country is given clean drinking water for a year. Vestergaaard conducted the first distribution in western Kenya in October 2014 when 1,646 LifeStraw® Community purifiers were distributed to 301 schools and more than 157,975 students.

www.wakingtimes.com / link to original article

Judith Dagley – Voices And Revelations – Everything YOU Need To Know NOW In A Nutshell – 15 January 2015

judithHello again, Beloved!

We return, as we said we would, to explain WHY we told You to not concern yourself with “who is who” as You took in the frequencies of our last message. We are also quite sure that You know far more about why than You may “think” you do!

Consider what You do know, Beloved. You have noticed (KNOW, in other words) that our Judith has increasingly become the bearer of most of our messages. And by “the bearer,” we mean that she has delivered them through her OWN voice, rather than merely used it to carry OURS.

We are also sure You have noticed/know that every one of our (and we mean “our”  inclusively) communications to You– through messages, videos, tele-gatherings, private sessions, as well as in many other ways throughout your year of 2014– have ALL been about seeing right THROUGH the veil of separation.  And You KNOW that we have called 2014 your Year of Integration… Continue reading

Jamye Price – Weekly Lightblast – Ownership – 15 January 2015

JamyePrice2012closeupOwnership is a powerful aspect of creatorship. To create, you direct your intent. You must own your own intent for the most powerful creation. You then Allow Change as Life responds to your direction and co-creates with you. Life is always co-creation, for you are within a collective, or better stated – a connection. Life is a balance of give/receive and self/all else. You must also own your power to allow, to be well with Life and allow it to flow with you. Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – Thunder, Acceleration And Morphing… – 15 January 2015

lisagawlas2I have decided it is really difficult to get a true grip on this wonderful new world we are in and explain any of it in detail.  It is like watching various brush strokes being laid down on a canvas, something is forming… but what exactly???  Hard to say for sure.

My last reading on Monday was a wonderful lady from down under, on the next days date line, which I didn’t realize she was giving us a view of the energies of yesterday.  I could see and feel her energy signature standing in the center of her field of life, but I couldn’t see her biology.  Instead, the focus was on this massive geyser like energy system coming out of her abdomen area shooting outwards to her future.  The geyser of energy shot out easily 10 feet, then I couldn’t see beyond it.  Of course, there I am with my ever familiar… what the hell is that??  This was her desires, the energy she has gathered over time and is now readily employable in this new fully functional earth.  She was literally already hydrating her future and with it, pushing away all the things that no longer serve her. Continue reading

WakingTimes – Mother’s Love – Short Film – 15 January 2015

waking_times_logo_6-5-12_1Waking Times

Video – This heartwarming short film by Hau Pau is dedicated to all the mothers in the world. It is about a mother’s love for her son – pure, unconditional and free of charge. The characters in the film were played by real life mother and son. The storyline is inspired by the song called “No Charge” by Shirley Ceasar.

www.wakingtimes.com / link to original article