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As strange things happen

After i heard my friends radio show ET First Contact Radio i talk with my other friend. for you called Tyco Malps, on Skype. I had a new vision over how things are with interdemensions and timelines. So i spoke about it with Tyco and she loved it.

And then IT came, when i was writing it all down. I  heard  SaLuSa and saw him in my minds eye in front of me. He had a short message: “There is a truth in what you are writing now”. That was for me a confirmation to set up my blog after also Steve Beckow mentioned it in Maarten Horst radio show where we all were live discussing things.  I also  told on radio my experience i had the day before.

I was in my car driving home and i drove around the corner a few blocks from my appartement and i saw myself sitting in the car in two timelines at once. I saw myself on the left sitting on the boardwalk and seeing something in an other environment and timeline. And on my right and in front of me i saw myself being in the now and driving. A day later i heard from Steve that i had a bi-location experience.

Strange was that he wrote about it in one of his writings not long ago. Weird. I am used from child on  to see and hear things as i am gifted.  I do healings and sometimes readings. But this had nothing to do with the spirit realm it was another timeline. Steve said: ‘It was a sign of being close to the fifth dimension”. I hope so.

But what i hope to see is that all of you may have such wondrous things happening. See that the world changes for us all and we will see the new golden age rising at the horizon. Be joy and be love and light.