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Lucas – Self Recognition Of The Influx Of The New – Integration Of More Parts – 15 March 2015

http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/6/68/Pillars_of_creation_2014_HST_WFC3-UVIS_full-res_denoised.jpg/230px-Pillars_of_creation_2014_HST_WFC3-UVIS_full-res_denoised.jpgAs Said already the new is already here and it becomes in many ways visible. Not only awakening to geo-politics and recognition of the ever told and lived “great lie”. It is about seeing more and more the new parts in your live and more often your choosing the new way of thinking, doing, handling or seeing things. It is becoming clear you will integrate more and more parts of you that where “unknown” but now seem to pop up as evidently a new  you style. Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – Incoming Champagne Bubbles Expanding The Heart Of Infinity Thru You!! – 15 March 2015

lisagawlas2Thanks to daylight savings time, I have been sleeping later than usual and waking up too late to get a sharing out.  Now I am sitting here with days worth of information all jumbled up in my head.  (It’s crowded in there.)

Let’s start with the participation of the sun in this ginormous weekend spirit has been going on and on about (without a real single detail of, what does that really mean to us,) the activation of the center, conjoined energy of each other holding together the Shambhala/Christed energy in the world of matter. Continue reading

Sophia Love – Inquiring Minds Want To Know… – 15 March 2015

SophiaLoveNew“All this business about angels, guides, God – channellings from “ascended masters” – what to believe or not and i know most say go by how your heart feels – your thoughts on this? Come to the conclusion that “something” isn’t coming to “help” us. Also what of this talk of a “domed Earth” and fake moon and sun. Ashtar, Galactic Federation, Archons, Reptiles, etc. Is there anyone “up or out there” actually concerned about us citizens of Gaia? I know love and enough of a percentage of collective thought will help but so much information out there . Thanks Sophia inquiring minds want to know ;)” Continue reading

Peter van Runt – What Do You Really Want – 15 March 2015

John Ward – Euro Economics : The Increasingly Odd Visions Of Mr Varoufakis – 15 March 2015

varoufimageThere exists an old adage, “familiarity breeds contempt”. While my own view is that it can also be a stimulant for compassion, I think the adage can be applied to almost every profession today – politicians, lawyers, bankers, accountants, police officers and so on.

But for me – in both a professional and news-watching sense – the profession of which I have become most contemptuous is without doubt that of the economist. It says a great deal about the practice of economics that – of the last four shocks the capitalist system has undergone, and the collapse of the USSR – not a single ‘respected’ economist saw them coming. As an adman, I worked alongside client economists, all but two of whom seemed expert at explaining the past, but never had less than eight alternative views on the future. The two that were usually right about what was coming formed their own companies – going on to work on a hugely successful multiple retailer transformation in one case, and developing a brand-leading product innovation on the other. Continue reading

Marlene Swetlishoff – Hilarion – 15 March 2015

marlene1-1Beloved Ones,

As you each follow your own star and go within often, you begin to enjoy sitting in the stillness of your soul where there is peace beyond understanding. This is your special place, your sacred sanctuary, your sacred Temple. This sacred place makes everything you are passing through worthwhile and relevant. Therein lay worlds of infinite possibilities like golden treasure waiting to be found. You can remember all that you have ever known and experienced within this sacred space, you can reconnect with your true and authentic self, the innocent self, the liberated self. The inner life is calling to you during these times and many of you are answering that call. Much will be discovered, pondered upon and assimilated as you discover the roots that connect you to the Divine. Once this divine connection occurs, there is nothing that can ever tempt you to go back to the way it was. All is becoming clearer, all is changed. Continue reading

Marilyn Raffaele – The Arcturian Group – 15 March 2015

marilynraffaeleMARCH 15, 2015

Dear ones, we greet you in this time of new beginnings–springtime. Many of you are exhausted, having been inundated with the issues of winter weather and sigh with relief as you see more of the warming sun which is bringing with it powerful new energies. Be prepared to experience some shifting within as well as to observe it in the general awareness of the world which will be accompanied by some weather related issues.

A new and powerful consciousness is being born and as with all births is accompanied by some pain and difficulty, much of which is dependent upon a willingness or non-willingness to embrace change. Many are discovering themselves no longer able to blindly accept the political nonsense with its accompanying rules and regulations. The self serving and adolescent behavior of many so called “leaders” is helping to open the eyes of many. It is a time of awakening and the accumulated blinders so many have lived with and taken for granted, are coming off. Continue reading